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Novotel (Vientiane) - This
was the only hotel we could
find with availability. And it
worked out perfectly - I was
sick upon arrival and it was a
great place to hole up while
needing a few hours to get

Elephant Crossing (Vang
Vieng) -
Superb location and
service ($35/night).

Sala Prabang (Luang
Prabang) -
Another place
with excellent location and
service ($60/night).

Other Sites:

3 Nagas - Probably one of
the best meals I have had in a
long time. We got the
'degustation' menu and got to
sample the superb Laotian

Tamarind - An excellent lunch
spot to sample the Laotian
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My Laotian Experience...

Highs: The cleanliness; the kindness of the people; the limestone formations in Vang Vieng; riding
elephants outside of Luang Prabang; shopping in Luang Prabang; monk viewing.

Lows: The lack of time we had in this country; being stupid about not making sure I had a
multiple-entry Vietnam visa.

Best Moment:  Being in absolute amazement with Elisa about how wonderful every place in this
country was. We truly enjoyed our elephant experience though.

Craziest Moment: Finding out at the airport while checking in for my Vietnam flight that I didn't
have a Vietnam visa (as the one I had obtained was only a single-entry one - doh!). They were so
sweet and I got one expedited via tuk-tuk in 30 minutes for $85.

Smells: Great smelling food from the night food market.

Sounds: NO car honking (even in the capital city!); 'Saibadee'.

Sights: Wat Si Saket (in Vientiane); Vang Vieng and a couple of its caves.

Tastes: Sticky rice; grilled whole fish; mango fruit shakes; 'kai phen' (LP river weed - or what Elisa
refers to as 'good crap'); 'sin doot' (sundried buffalo meat with lemongrass and sesame seeds); 'jaew
bong' (chili paste with buffalo skin); 'nem tadicu' (fried coconut rice and sour pork salad); 'koille paa'
(minced fish with string bean salad); betel leaf soup; bamboo shoot soup; 'si kry' (steamed stuffed
lemongrass stalk); 'noy maille' (stuffed bamboo shoots); 'sai gua krouaille' (spicy LP buffalo sausage);
'praneng kai' (pulled chicken, minced pork and buffalo skin cooked in coconut milk); 'kranab pa'
(grilled river fish stuffed with pork and herbs wrapped in a banana leaf); steamed purple sticky rice
wtih coconut milk, coconut, sesame seeds and bananas.

Purchases: A t-shirt with Laotian writing; scarves; a wooden jewelry box; a marble carved box;

Street Food: Grilled bananas and sweet potatoes.

Fun Food Finds: Who knew that the Laotian cuisine is so darn good and unique??? Very
different from its neighboring countries!

Western Companies Out Here: I didn't see any.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes. We obtained these at the border crossing for $31 US.

Type of currency? The Laotian Kip. About 9400 kip are equal to $1 US.

Things Laos Is Known For: The kindness of the people; beautiful scenery.

Religion: Buddhism.

December 10-15, 2007
A Buddha close-up.
The karst scenery in Vang Vieng.
Elisa and I on the Mekong River.