The Blarney Castle and Ring
of Kerry
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Jo'Burger - What a great find
near Cat! Too many great
things to choose from. Fun,
gourmet-like options.

KC Peaches - My friends'
friend Katie opened up this
cafe/restaurant in Dublin. It
was excellent! The options
are endless and it was hard
to choose what to get.

Butler's Chocolates - Chain of
coffee places that lets you
select a nice piece of
chocolate with every coffee
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My Irish Experience...

Highs: Seeing my friend, Cat; learning about Gaelic football while watching the All-Ireland Final;
Guinness storehouse; having sunny days in Dublin; being able to completely relax and not feel
on-the-go at all times; watching the celebration for the Kerry football team while in Killarney.

Lows: Things are about as expensive as London out here; being on a large tour bus for my
Cork/Ring of Kerry trip; amount of obnoxious Americans touring through this country.

Best Moment: Watching the festivities take place in Killarney the day after Kerry won the
All-Ireland Final (in Gaelic football).

Craziest Moment: The 'fun' characters on the train going to Killarney to celebrate Kerry's win.
Let's just say we were all getting proposals for a 'good' night.

Smells: Fumes of Guinness outside of the Guinness Storehouse.

Sounds: Screaming fans in Killarney; Irish accents so strong that they made me wonder if the
person was actually speaking English.

Sights: Trinity College and the Book of Kells (8 Euros); Guinness Storehouse (14 Euros); St.
Stephen's Green (with a wonderful 'Spirit of the Wild' display by Stephen Bloom); Temple Bar;
Grafton Street; Blarney Castle; Blarney Stone; Ring of Kerry; Killarney.

Tastes: My first pint of Guinness ever (and it wasn't my last while I was out here); excellent food at
Jo'Burger (a fish fillet patty with mango salsa and sweet potato fries) and KC Peaches (salmon salad
and a passionfruit-coconut cake; scones; excellent piece of chocolate when I bought a coffee from
Butler's; smoked salmon; soda bread; pub grub in Kerry (fish 'n chips).

Purchases: None.

Street Food: I haven't seen any street food here.

Fun Food Finds: They have a three-fruit marmalade (lemon, orange and grapefruit); different
toffees and candies made from Irish cream; chocolate bars with Guinness.

Things to Buy: Waterford crystal; whiskey products; Guinness products; wool items; tacky
souvenirs with leprechauns and four-leaf clovers.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Burger King; Subway; Quizno's; KFC; Domino's;
the Sweet Factory.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Euro. $1 US is now equal to about $1.42 Euros. Ouch!

Things Ireland Is Known For: Guinness; St. Patrick's Day (though they barely even
celebrate it); shamrocks; leprechauns (hahaha); beautiful countryside.

Religion: Catholic.

Costs: 135 Euros plus 250 Euros (for my 2-day/1-night tour).
September 14-19, 2007
Dorking out in the tourist office.
A view of Dublin.
'Cheers'ing with our Guinnesses