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The Four Seasons Hotel -
where Elisa and I had high

Dragon-I - One of
the places
to go.

Mix - I just love the
smoothies there. And it's a
great place to check email if
you the need arises (worked
out very well for me when I
needed to get the addresses
of different airline offices in
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My Hong Kong Experience...

Highs: Seeing and hanging out with Cindy and Elisa; seeing Daniel and Suzanne again; being at Victoria
Peak at night; having afternoon tea with Elisa at the Four Seasons; going to the races at Happy Valley;
going big on Friday night with Cindy and Elisa.

Lows: Having a little bit of 'flight drama' from realizing that the agent that booked my RTW ticket
never ticketed my flight for Hong Kong to Saigon and having to run around Hong Kong to get it resolved.

Best Moment: Being reunited with different friends while out here.

Smells: Luckily, none.

Sounds: My ipod while doing the hike up to the Peak and while walking back and forth between
Suzanne and Daniel's and Rose's place.

Sights: Happy Valley Racecourse; Victoria Peak during the day and night; Stanley Market and Stanley
Beach; the skyline from the Kowloon side via the Star Ferry.

Tastes: Smoothies at Mix; pumpkin salad; lots of sushi; high tea at the Four Seasons.

Purchases: A Chinese painting kit (identical to one that I bought and lost last year).

Street Food: I didn't have them but I saw roasted sweet potatoes being sold. I was so bummed that I
had just eaten!

Western Companies Out Here: Practically everything - H&M; Mango; Mrs. Field's; 7-Eleven;
Starbuck's; and oh-so-many more!

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Nope.

Type of currency? Hong Kong Dollar. One US dollar is equivalent to about 7.7 HK dollars.

Things Hong Kong Is Known For: The handover that took place between the British and
Chinese ten years ago; being such a modern city; the shopping.

Religion: A mix of everything.

Hong Kong...
November 26 - December 1, 2007
Hazy skyline view from the Star Ferry.
Skyscrapers behind Happy Valley.
At Victoria Peak.