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I actually don't remember
one name of any of the
restaurants I ate at! Oops.
None of them were
'phenomenal' though they
all gave me some good
traditional Greek food.
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My Greek Experience...

Highs: Seeing the Acropolis; views from the Acropolis; the island of Hydra; narrow streets within
Athens; the metro system; sunset from Hydra.

Lows: Not having enough time to do the true 'Greek Isles' experience; not having friends with me to
sample more of the food (especially the 'mezes'); the outrageously high prices (3.5 Euros was standard
for a cappuccino).

Best Moment:  Without a doubt, it was my time on Hydra. It made me yearn to go to more
islands in this country!

Smells: The aromas of food coming from the restaurants; unique plant smells in the Botanical

Sounds: The sea; birds chirping in the Botanical Gardens; boats.

Sights: Acropolis (including the Parthenon under scaffolding) - 12 Euros including admission to
other ruins; other ruins including Zeus' temple; the island of Hydra; stray dogs and cats.

Tastes: Tsaziki; octopus; dolmades; ice cream; yogurt; gyros; Greek salad; feta cheese; 'souvlaki';
eggplant salad; baklava; stuffed tomatoes and other veggies.

Purchases: Clothes from H&M.

Street Food: Bready items; donuts; gyros; ice cream.

Local Food Finds: Honey; olive oil; ouzo.

American Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Starbuck's; Subway; Nine West. (*Note: H&M
is also out here!)

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? The Euro.

Things Greece Is Known For: The Acropolis; ruins; islands; Olympics.

Religion: Greek Orthodox.

Costs: About 200 Euros (including the purchase of my clothes and my ferry ticket).
October 17-19, 2007
View from the Acropolis.
Hydra at night.
My Greek island experience in Hydra.