Food - Part 2...
And the archive continues for the second part of my trip...


  • Amazing steamed dark chocolate buns for dessert at a dim sum place called 'Ping Pong'.


  • Fish tagines
  • Honey-soaked cookies
  • Couscous dishes (particularly one with currants, chickpeas and veggies)
  • Mint tea (or as they call it - 'Moroccan whiskey')


  • Soda bread
  • Smoked salmon near the coast
  • Guinness
  • Though this isn't 'Irish', my friend and I had an exceptional veggie burger made from sweet potatoes, mushrooms and onions at a
    chichi burger place.
  • Butler's chocolates (you get a free piece of your choice when you buy a coffee drink!)


  • Salade Mechouia - one of my favorite things out here!
  • Tagine (which is actually more like an omelet/quiche out here vs. what the Moroccan version is)
  • Couscous poissons
  • Excellent seafood
  • Briq - yummy stuff inside puff-pastry
  • Arabic sweets
  • Tea with pine nuts


  • Authentic fondue (for some reason, it just tastes better when eating it in the Swiss Alps).
  • Chocolate from swank little shops.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bureks (with meat or potatoes or spinach)
  • 'cevaps'


  • More risotto with cuttlefish and cuttlefish ink
  • Cherry strudel


  • Puff pastry filled with mushrooms
  • Goulash-like stews


  • Tzaziki
  • Stuffed grape leaves
  • Grilled octopus
  • Ouzo (yuck!)
  • Stuffed tomatoes


  • Paneer tikka
  • Palak paneer
  • Stuffed paratha
  • Banana lassis
  • Kashmiri tea
  • Veggies with a cashew and tomato gravy
  • Cheese-garlic naan
  • Veggie momos
  • Seafood soup
  • Tropical fruits (and a new one called 'chickoo')
  • Dosas and idlys for breakfast


  • pumpkin, caramelized onions and goat cheese on lavash (from LIme Tree Cafe)
  • Dates stuffed with nuts
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