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An apartment in Prague near
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Coffee and Cigars - the
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June 14-17, 2006

My Czech Experience...

Highs: Making it out to Cesky Krumlov; visiting the ossuary church in Kutna Hora; exploring
Prague without feeling the need to follow a guidebook.

Lows: I can't think of any.

Best Moment: Cesky Krumlov and being on the Charles Bridge before the masses of people were
even awake.

Smells: Hot dogs and sausages being sold on the street.

Sounds: Bands playing on the street; people cheering on their teams in the World Cup in the main
square in Prague; concert in the Spanish Synagogue in Prague.

Sights: The ossuary church in Kutna Hora; Cesky Krumlov; Charles Bridge at sunrise and sunset;
going to a concert.

Tastes: Apple strudel; some good local wines; 'Budvar' beer while watching World Cup; goulash;
knedliky (dumplings).

Purchases: A cheap pair of sunglasses.

Street Food: Sausages; beer.

Fun Food Finds: Haven't seen anything too interesting or different in the grocery stores.

Western Companies Out Here: This is basically the western world out here. You can find
high-end designer stores (in Josefov), McDonald's and KFC, H&M, etc.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Czech crowns. About 25 make up $1 US.

Transportation: Train. I got a cochette in an overnight train from Krakow.

Things the Czech Republic Is Known For: Bohemian glass and crystal; marionette
puppets; amber and garnets (I'm assuming since they're sold everywhere here); beer.

Religion: Catholic (the majority).

The main square in Prague.
View from the tower in Cesky Krumlov.
The Charles Bridge at dusk.