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October 1-3, 2007

My Croatian Experience...

Highs: Walking Dubrovnik's city walls; views from Mount Srd.

Lows: Falling while on a hike and screwing up my hand; prices being way higher than the last time I
was here.

Best Moment: Hiking to the top of Mount Srd to see an entirely different view of the Old City of

Smells: A bit of a smokey smell on Mount Srd due to a fire that happened here around a month ago;
grilled fish.

Sounds: Waves crashing in the sea; church bells.

Sights: The City Walls of Dubrovnik ($10); War Photo Limited ($6).

Tastes: Gelato; grilled calamari; excellent produce; Posip wine; cuttlefish-ink risotto.

Purchases: None.

Street Food: Paninis; gelato; pizza.

Fun Food Finds: Great fig and truffle products; mango tic tacs; Twix in a coffee flavor.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Croatian Kunas. About five kunas equal $1 U.S.

Things Croatia Is Known For: Large amount of islands in the Adriatic; figs; the civil war in
1992; wine; honey; olive oils; brandy.

Local Spelling of 'Croatia': Hrvatska

Religion: Catholic.

Costs: 900 kuna
View from my airplane.
View from the City Walls.
Another viewpoint outside of the Old City.