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Phnom Penh
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Phnom Penh
Links relating to
my trip

Earthwalkers - The inexpensive
place that I stayed. Very nice for
the price though a bit out of the
center of the city.

Spring Guesthouse - This was an
extremely clean place in a decent
location in Phnom Penh.

Other Sites:

The Blue Pumpkin - My favorite
cafe in Siem Reap.

Hotel de la Paix - This boutique
hotel is right in the center of town
and is wonderful.  I couldn't afford
to stay there but I
could afford to
have afternoon tea there!

Carnets d'Asie - Excellent
Khmer/French food and

Elephant Guide - This is a site
that I have been using to find
accommodations in South-East

Cafe Fresco - I had one of the best
ever here! Focaccia
with eggplant, roasted peppers,
onions and hummus. The bread was
soooo good!

Khmer Borane - The restaurant in
Phnom Penh where I had 'fish in
palm sugar'. Sooo good!

Cambodia Facts
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My Cambodian Experience...

Highs: Riding through town on a motorbike; things being cheap out here; excellent food and bakeries;
Angkor Thom at Angkor; boat ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh; watching the boat races during the
Water Festival.

Lows: The dirt that blew into my face while sitting on the back of a motorbike; the absence of a sunset
(due to clouds) when I was at Angkor Wat; briefly 'losing' my wallet.

Best Moment:  Watching the crews of rowers on the Mekong River in Phnom Penh during the
Water Festival.

Smells: Incense; food aromas (some pleasant, some not so pleasant).

Sounds: "Lady. Want a tuk tuk?"; "lay-deeeeeeeeee"; little kiddies saying "Hello!" as you walk by.

Sights: The town of Siem Reap; the temples at Angkor ($20 for a one day pass); saffron-colored robes
of the monks; people looking like bandits because they have scarves/bandanas around their face to keep
the dirt off; homes on stilts in the middle of the water; naked kids bathing in the brown water.

Tastes: Amok fish ravioli with coconut cream sauce; lots of wine; gazpacho; lime and pineapple sorbet;
afternoon tea at the Hotel de la Paix; Khmer cuisine; freshly cut pineapple at Angkor; mango smoothies;
summer rolls with shrimp and mint; banana leaf and squash blossom salad; fish in palm sugar; green
mango and dried fish salad.

Purchases: A Lonely Planet for Cambodia ($3) and a Lonely Planet for Vietnam ($5); a couple of
small paintings; new flip-flops.

Street Food: Fruit; cut and seasoned fruits and veggies; cut sugar cane; skewered fish balls.

Fun Food Finds: Diet A&W Cream Soda; Diet Dr. Pepper; Pepperidge Farm cookies; Kettle chips.

Western Companies Out Here: Dairy Queen.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes. You can get it upon arrival at the airport. It is $20 US and also requires one

Type of currency? The Cambodian riel. About $1 US is equal to 4000 riels. They also accept US
dollars everywhere out here so there is no need to get the local currency.

Things Cambodia Is Known For: Angkor Wat; Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge; Maddox
(Angelina Jolie's adopted son).

Religion: Buddhist.

Costs: $325 (including visa, airfare, airport taxes, sightseeing,hotels)
October 31 - November 5, 2006
Near a floating village.
The jungle overtaking a temple.
Cambodian fruit stand.