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Marvelous Mostar

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Pansion Lombrelle - Where
I stayed in the Old City in
Mostar (15 Euros/night).

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Dveri - Small and cosy.
Good restaurant in the old
part of Sarajevo.

Metropolis - Great
pastries in Sarajevo!

Restaurant La Famiglia -
Absolutely excellent food
and even better service!
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October 3-7, 2007

My Bosnian and Herzegovinian Experience...

Highs: The Old Bridge in Mostar; climbing to the top of a minaret in Mostar; train ride from Mostar
to Sarajevo; getting more informed about the war.

Lows: Grasping the number of casualties from the war from seeing the grave sites throughout the
country; realizing I was way too optimistic about the places I wanted to visit in the Balkans and
thinking it was going to be far easier to get to Athens than it was going to be - therefore, I had to come
up with an updated plan.

Best Moment: Sitting on a terrace with a coffee looking out at the Old Bridge in Mostar.

Smells: Burek - hot from the coals.

Sounds: Prayer call; the Olympics theme song (oh wait...that's only me singing it my head).

Sights: The Old Bridge; Karadjozbea Mosque (5 marks); plots of graves throughout the country;
the Tunnel Museum outside of central Sarajevo (12 Euros for transportation, private guide and
entrance); 'Sarajevo Roses' - concrete painted red filling pockmarks in the sidewalks throughout the
city; NATO vehicles in Sarajevo; mosques and Orthodox churches.

Tastes: Stuffed squid; black ink risotto with seafood; ice cream; burek (spinach, meat and cheese -
all of them are sooo good!); fresh ripe figs; pomegranates; different kinds of cakes and pastries.

Purchases: None.

Street Food: Burek; ice cream.

Fun Food Finds: Nothing yet.

Western Companies Out Here: Sisley and United Colors of Benetton; NO McDonald's!

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? The Konvertible Mark. 1 KM is about equal to $1.40 US.

Things Bosnia Is Known For: The Yugoslav War in the '90s; the 1984 Olympic Games in

Things That Can Be Found in Markets: Copper items; pens made out of bullets; lots of
jewelry; books and DVDs about the war.

Abbreviation of the Country's Name: BiH

Religion: Muslim (majority); Catholic and Orthodox; small Jewish community in Sarajevo.

Costs: 300 KM.
The Old Bridge in Mostar.
Numerous graveyards fill Sarajevo.
Oh-so-beautiful Mostar.