The University of Arizona...
Forever a Wildcat...

After a difficult choice between UCSB and U of A, both my sister
and I chose to go to Arizona. Not only was it a great opportunity to
live in a different state, but it was also the chance to go to a
Pac-10 school with great sports (back then the football team
wasn't quite as much of an embarrassment).

I majored in Physiological Sciences. I was pre-med looking to go
into Sports Physical Therapy. Fortunately, a little class called
Neuro-mechanical Kinesiology made me realize that this wouldn't
be as great of a profession for me as I once thought. I still
graduated with the major (in addition to an abundant knowledge
in chemistry) knowing I was going to do nothing science-related.

Lucky for me, even if I wasn't going to do anything with my major,
at least I could make great friends! Some of the people I went to
Arizona with are still my closest friends in the world.

Unfortunately, I don't get down to Tucson often enough. Part of
me feels like I might not even recognize it if I were to see it.

But one thing you can count on is finding me filling out the
brackets every March on the Monday after the selection has been
picked. You can then find me either at work following the game on
the computer or post-work glued to a TV. In any case, I will never
hesitate to go to a bar by myself to watch an Arizona game. (It still
shocks me that others aren't as passionate about Arizona
basketball as I am! So what if they went to UC schools, right??? ;) )

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