My Dear Old
Friend, Ubud...
The beautiful rice terraces.
January 11, 2008

So I have been back in Ubud for the past couple days. It’s kind of like meeting up with an old friend: You know each other so
well that it makes everything so easy.

At times like this, though, I find myself missing the ‘new friend’ that I just made (I’m talking about Gili Trawangan). I guess
with new friends there’s that bit of uncertainty if you will see each other again. But you like them so much, you don’t want the
time to end.

Okay. I’m losing it. Calling an island my ‘new friend’? But I did make some actual new friends out there (I’m talking in the
‘people’ sense). It always sucks leaving that behind.

I haven’t really done too much here – but that’s the point, right? So far, Indonesia has felt like one giant holiday – even if it h a
low-budget holiday.

The weather in Ubud has been wonderful this time around. Yesterday I took advantage and hopped on the back of a
motorbike to check out the scenery of the surrounding areas. My interest was mostly in the rice terraces. It’s quite simple – I’
m a sucker for these things.

I have also taken advantage of the Ubud shopping. I feel like I now have attire for all of my future tropical trips. I have bought
far too many dresses, sarongs, islandy jewelry, etc. I have been doing a good job at ‘taking a step forward’ every few days by
chucking an article of clothing. The problem is that I am doing an even
better job taking two steps back (for example,
yesterday when I tossed one shirt out of my suitcase, I added six new things). At least Michelle is coming soon and I can
unload a lot of this stuff onto her.

And now I am going to finish off my time in Ubud the best way I know how – going to a spa to have a pedicure…
Back to Indonesia.
A girl giving her offerings.
A rather scary statue.