Wrapping Up Bali in Seminyak...
January 15, 2008

I leave Bali today. I can’t believe how the time flies. Have I really been out here for three weeks already?

Anyway, I decided to spend my last couple nights in Seminyak. I have been hearing so much about this area. I felt like I had to
experience it for a little bit.

From what other people had told me, I decided to avoid nearby Kuta. Everyone talked about how dirty it was and how
annoying it was getting hassled and touched by all of the vendors. Seminyak is further up the beach but was said to have a
more upscale feel to it.

I have enjoyed my time here. I am happy I came. But one thing I really had in mind to do (watch the traditional fire dancers at
the temple in Ulu Watu at sunset) was put on hold until the next trip since last night was the biggest storm I have seen out
here since I arrived – coming complete with thunder and lightning. Spending my last night in Bali tucked inside a cozy
restaurant with wireless connection wasn’t quite how I saw my last night out here – but it would have to do.

The day before I went to the infamous Ku Dé Ta for the sunset. It was actually barely even a sliver of a sunset – but after last
night, I guess I should just be grateful for the dry weather. I met a couple of Jakartans there a little bit later on which was a
nice way to spend my time there. I had heard all along what ‘a scene’ it is there. And yes, there are many that fit that bill. But
overall, I was expecting to feel a bit intimidated going by myself and not being dressed to the nines. And that wasn’t the case at

Yesterday, I got the last of my Bali shopping in. I have absolutely no place to put all of this stuff. I guess I need to cave and buy
a new bag. I did find some great stuff – a completely overpriced shirt that part of me felt I couldn’t live without, a couple pairs
of silver earrings, a necklace-and-earring set I had made with lava beads to match a new sundress and – my favorite - a zen

I have to be honest. If I could do it all over again, I would have ended my time in Ubud before heading out of Bali. I took all of
the great crafts, art and Balinese style for granted while I was there. I assumed it existed in some of the other parts of Bali as
well. I now realized that I was mistaken. The rest of Bali doesn’t have nearly as strong of a love for Ganesh as Ubud does. Nor
do they have the amount of great statues donning the black-and-white checkered cloth. To think I ended my time in Seminyak
to be near the beach just to see that the beach out here really isn’t that great (of course, this is probably mainly due to it being
rainy season and having it have all sorts of natural debris all along the shore due to the storms).

Oh well. Now I know for next time!

So long, Bali. It’s time for me to go up to Yogyakarta in Java…
Back to Indonesia.
At Ku De Ta.