South African Slang...
July 1, 2006

After reading one of the books that I got from the Tourism Office, I saw that there are some terms that they use
out here that could leave someone from other parts of the world a bit confused. I thought I would share a few of

Aikona – No way or absolutely not.

Braai – Barbeque

Cooldrink – A soda. Can also be called a ‘colddrink’.  If you ask for a soda, you will get a club soda.

Eish – Surprise or shock

Howzit – How are you? How are things?

Just now – In the near future (but it won’t be done immediately and it might never get done)

Now now - Not right now, but sooner than just now

Now - At this moment

Dop - Alcoholic drink

Jol - A party or good time

Hoot - honking a car horn

My China - endearing term for a friend or mate

Lekker – Nice, cool or great. An Afrikaans word. (The ‘r’ is rolled.)

Pavement – Sidewalks (Cars drive on a ‘road’, not the ‘pavement’)

Robots – Traffic lights

Sharp Sharp – Affirmation. Everything is cool.

Tackies – Running shoes

Hectic (good) - 'Man, that party was

Hectic (bad) - 'Man, she dumped you. That's
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