My Sanur
My nice bathroom.
January 12, 2008

Yesterday I booked what seemed like an ideal day while in Sanur.

And it proved to be so.

I saw a spa package called ‘spa and dine’ where, in addition to the spa treatments, you get a 3-course spa-like lunch with fresh
mango juice and ending with lemongrass tea. Not only that…they only give you free use of their pool. The villas here are
beyond swank so it is quite a treat to use their small (which is actually a breath of fresh air after seeing all of the massive resort
pools) and modern pool. And because it’s low season, I had the thing to myself. Ahhh…

Of course I booked this before I decided to do a mini-splurge and upgrade to a nicer place for only $35 more than what I was
paying which has quite a kick-ass pool itself (plus I am staying in the ‘Emerald Suite’ villa which is two floors complete with
living room with DVD player – and I already checked-out a couple DVDs for tonight – and an outdoor bathroom and bathtub
that is begging to be used tonight). But that’s beside the point – this place is about $350/night for a 1-bedroom villa. The spa-
and-dine is only what is in my budget for this place. I have deemed today/tonight a Christmas present to myself. I forgot I
hadn’t gotten myself one of these. Well, if you exclude the cool silver jewelry I bought for myself in Ubud.

So about my spa treatments. It all started when I got to choose my oil (I chose ginger as opposed to lemongrass or jasmine)
and my type of scrub (I chose coffee as opposed to ginger or coconut). I don’t think a person could lose with any of these
options…but I know I picked a couple of winners. While I was doing my selection process, I was brought a glass of something
with simple syrup, sugar, lemon, ginger and cloves. I wish I could duplicate this at home.

I first had a foot bath that was so pretty and fruity. Then came time for my Balinese massage with the ginger oil.
Oh…my…God. My body was truly in heaven. Nothing weird or bizarre about this kind of massage. The amount of pressure was
perfect. And so was the ginger scent. I wonder if I can make my own ginger massage oil when I get home. I’m going to have to
try that. Then came the coffee and yogurt scrub. Now there was amazing coffee aromas filling the air. Continued to love every
moment of this. Then I needed to rinse off in the open-air shower.

While the scrub was setting into my skin, Dewi (my masseuse) prepared my ‘flower bath’ for me. A pot of ginger tea and a few
small macaroons awaited my arrival into the heavenly sight. The outdoor bathtub was filled with sliced oranges and limes,
blades of lemongrass, leaves and pink and white flowers. Slices of ginger root, in their obscure shapes, rested on the bottom. I
soaked for as long as they would allow.

And this whole time I got to think of absolutely nothing to the sounds of beautiful and soothing Balinese music.

I have to admit that I am happy about splurging a bit on the room for tonight. It is sooo nice to be in a bit of comfort for once.
It is rare these days when I actually want to come back to my hotel room. Considering I leave tomorrow, I need to live it up
while I can. I am actually currently watching ‘Blades of Glory’ that I borrowed from reception to watch on my DVD player
(gosh, I love saying ‘my DVD player’!). After the movie, I am going to take a bath. Basically I am going to take advantage of
each and every thing this room has to offer!

Tomorrow that will include sitting out by the pool until it’s time to check-out (and of course I am doing this at the last possible
minute) and make my way to Seminyak to spend my last couple days here.
Back to Indonesia.
The beach in Sanur.
The incredible flower bath I had.