People-watching on the streets of Saigon.
December 2, 2007

I arrived back into this city last night – it’s funny to think that I was here just over one year ago. I loved it so much. Who
would think that just a year later I would be back? Surely not I!

But I am. And I love it all over again.

I got to sleep in while the girls (Elisa, Cindy, Rose and Yura) went to the Cu Chi Tunnels this morning. Another nice thing about
returning to a city – my priorities don’t have to revolve around sightseeing. I can just relax and enjoy myself. Really easy to do
since Rose scored us an awesome rate at the Park Hyatt. So it was just me wrapped in my duvet this morning. Ahhh…

I managed to tear myself away to make some ‘pool time’. I was quite the fan of the fruit skewers that were passed around
every couple hours. Overnight trains in India seem like such a distant memory. I capped my morning off with a ‘rain shower’
and then a bubble bath while listening to my classical itunes playlist. Normally these things are reserved for the night
hours…but since this was the time when I had the room to myself, I had to take advantage.

When everyone was back from the Cu Chi Tunnels we hit up Wrap ‘n Roll for some incredible Vietnamese food. How did I miss
this place last time? I know I will be back for more. Sadly, Elisa was out-for-the-count today after the Tunnels. The girl is as
sick as I have ever seen her. She is the most gung-ho person I know…and for
her to miss out on a day of venturing around says
quite a lot.

From here, we started to make our way in and out of the different shops and boutiques of this city. I forgot just how amazing
the shopping is out here! I didn’t really buy anything other than a couple pairs of silk flip-flops and a little beach bag, but it was
fun browsing around and checking out the offerings.

We started our night off with Saigon Crushes in the Park Hyatt bar. For passionfruit lovers – these things are not to be missed.
Then we headed to a restaurant that was being recommended by all called Le Camargue. It 100% reminded me of Le Colonial
at home. Except for at this restaurant the emphasis was on French food and while back at home the emphasis is on Vietnamese
food. This meal got rave reviews from our table.  

December 3, 2007


Another day to sleep and relax. The girls left a bit early this morning to go to the museum and I am going to lounge around a
bit and take advantage of our posh digs. I went to the main market in town to do some shopping (my list of ‘to buy’ items were:
a big bag to put all of my purchases in, produce, and deodorant). After my shopping was complete, I stopped at one of the stalls
to experience some authentic Vietnamese street food. I picked out some little glassy rice flour dumplings filled with shrimp and
topped with fish sauce and fried shallots. I am amazed at the deliciousness $.50 out here can buy.

I just got back to the hotel and I am now going to meet everyone at the pool.


I just got back from hanging out at an adorable café down the street. So many options of places to go out here – I love it!

It’s time to get ready for our last dinner in Saigon. We don’t know where we are going yet – though we
do know our night is
going to start in the bar downstairs at our hotel. Tomorrow we spend our day at the Mekong Delta and will then leave to head
off to Mui Ne. I love city life – but the thought of being on the coast sounds oh-so-nice right now.


We just had one of the most incredible dinners I have had in a long, long time. And that says a lot because I have had many
incredible dinners.

The place was called Xu and it was recommended by a guy in the bar downstairs. His other recommendation was where we ate
last night (which we loved) so we knew we could trust him.

The ambience was way cool and the service was great. I think the thing that blew us all away was that even though we ordered
tons of items and were expecting to eat them family-style, they ended up preparing our dishes individually with each item on
our dishes. They did the first dish that consisted of five items – all looking so beautiful. And then a second dish of our mains
was brought out to each of us with the four items sitting there looking almost too pretty to eat.

But we did. And we loved every bite of it. In fact, we are all still currently talking about it as I type this.
Back to Vietnam.
At our favorite dinner at Xu.
Some excellent food at the market stalls.