Random Lists...
These are just some random lists noting some very useless information.
Uses For a Sarong

  1. Long skirt
  2. Short skirt
  3. Dress
  4. Shawl
  5. Scarf
  6. Burka-esque attire
  7. Pillow cover
  8. Pillow
  9. Blanket
  10. Beach towel
  11. Fly shielder
  12. Face protector (when laying out)
  13. Bathing suit cover-up
  14. Post-shower wrap
Things I've Taken For Granted

  1. Hot water
  2. Shampoo and conditioner in hotels
  3. Towels in hotels
  4. Paying only $2.75 to wash and dry my laundry at home (they
    charge $1-2 per item at many places here)
  5. Drinkable tap water
  6. Western toilets
  7. Toilet paper
  8. Always having access to clean clothes
  9. Ice cubes
  10. Accessibility to dark chocolate
  11. Accessibility to Diet Coke (in India)
  12. Being able to communicate with people
  13. Artificial sweetener with my tea
  14. Skim lattes
  15. Being able to throw toilet paper into a toilet (vs. a rubbish bin)
  16. Being able to get a glass of ice water at a bar/restaurant
  17. Hi-speed internet
  18. Having non-chapped lips
  19. Not having mosquito bites
Times That I Have Cried

  • Cairo Hotel Room (I made the mistake of
    looking at a picture of me and my mom when I was
    on my computer. For some reason this made me
    feel a bit lonely. I counted this as a small bout of

  • Cairo Bank (I didn't want to but I ended up
    breaking down out of frustration while trying to
    send a package.)

  • Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (It seems difficult
    for a person to go to this Holocaust memorial and
    not cry.)

  • Auschwitz in Poland (Looking at the
    photographs and victims' possessions left tears
    streaming down my face.)

  • Russian Embassy in Cape Town (This was
    when I was denied for my visa. I didn't want to cry
    but the tears started coming out.)

  • Seychelles Beach (I felt lonely not having
    anybody to hang out with and experience how
    beautiful it was.)

  • Maldives Airport (Not to sound like a spoiled
    brat, but I did shed a few tears when I had leave
    and head back to 'traveling' through India.)

  • Beijing Subway (My ipod was on 'shuffle' and a
    song that brought up many memories came on and
    tears just started flowing.)

  • Bill's - a restaurant in Sydney (This was when
    Monique, Ari and I were talking about the holidays
    and I was getting a bit bummed out. I didn't
    actually cry...but I did tear up a bit.)

  • Flight from Easter Island - I watched the episode
    of Grey's Anatomy where George's dad dies on my itunes
    during the flight..

  • Watching CNN's coverage of the Virginia
    Tech Shootings - I was in tears as I saw them flashing
    the pictures of all of the victims.
Things I've Used My Computer For

  1. Doing my journals
  2. Working on my website
  3. Using wireless internet (nine times out of ten for no cost!)
  4. Uploading pictures to Snapfish
  5. Using to store my pictures before I back them up on CDs
  6. Having quick access to flight itineraries
  7. Skype
  8. itunes songs (acts as a stereo if I'm taking a bath or wanting
    to hear some music in my room)
  9. itunes tv shows
  10. Attempting to keep track of how much I'm spending
Most Useful Items I Packed
  1. Earplugs (great for when people are snoring on planes in
    addition to block out the times when flies are buzzing around)
  2. Hat
  3. Sunscreeen
  4. Parka (it has rained so much more than I imagined!)
  5. Mini Swiss Army knife
  6. Fleece zip-up
  7. Ziploc baggies (for everything from carrying along food to
    putting soap in)
  8. Sting-Eze (I bought it at REI - it takes the itch out of skeeter
Favorite International Newspapers

  1. India Times
  2. China Daily
  3. Bangkok Post
  4. Hindustan (India)
  5. The paper in Hong Kong
  6. Vietnam News
  7. The paper in Australia
Airports with Free Wireless Access

  1. Istanbul (before going through passport control)
  2. Tel Aviv
  3. Budapest
  4. Seychelles
  5. Mumbai (domestic terminal)
  6. Bangkok (before going through passport control)
  7. Adelaide, Australia
  8. Cusco, Peru
  9. Quito, Ecuador
  10. Panama
  11. Sao Paulo (I was able to pick up the British Airways signal)
  12. Rio de Janeiro (domestic airport)