Some Pictures from my time in the USA...
In Sedona, Arizona.
Enjoying Cade's first time at Disneyland.
Hangin' with Joe Montana in Oregon.
Elisa and Ari's bday cake for me.
At Le Colonial on my birthday.
At Dolce for Annie's birthday.
After catching a musical in Times Square.
At Maya's wedding with Michelle and Clarke.
Outside of Boston  at Maya's lunch.
At Pronghorn in Bend, Oregon.
At Towman's wedding in Morris Town, NJ.
Our friend's wedding in Calistoga.
Jelly Belly Factory outing with Michelle.
Me, Clarke and Michelle at Mel's
pre-wedding dinner.
College friends at Maya's wedding..
Our skyline gem - the Transamerica
Walking down the street in Savannah.
My beautiful bridge.
In downtown Boston.
A truck we passed in Napa.
September 3, 2007

Some of the highlights of my time in the United States…

  • Going to my friend’s wedding in New Jersey. Being able to see her and other friends from college for the first time in a long

  • Going to see the Statue of Liberty for the first time.

  • Wandering around New York City. I looooove that city! It was also great seeing my friends who now live there.

  • Going to the Annie Leibowitz exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta.

  • Becoming more familiar with Atlanta while staying with my sister and brother-in-law.

  • Going to Savannah, GA for a weekend with my sister. Also doing a cooking class where we learned how to do some gourmet
    Southern cooking. We also got to experience Tropical Storm Barry while we were out there.

  • Wandering the streets of Boston.

  • Going to a friend’s wedding outside of Boston and catching up with lots of friends from college.

  • Going to Bend, Oregon with a friend’s family.

  • Getting to hang out with Joe Montana in Bend for an event for the opening of Pronghorn golf course.

  • A weekend-long wedding in Calistoga (Napa Valley).

  • Spending time in Napa Valley. Also going to the Jelly Belly factory on our way up there.

  • Going to the Marin Headlands to catch great views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Acting a bit like a tourist in my own city. Being amazed by the beauty of everything.

  • Visiting an old college roommate in Arizona and getting to meet her new baby. Also seeing a few other friends from college.

  • Taking a day trip down to Tucson and visiting my old college digs.

  • Going to see the red rocks of Sedona with Ann, Mitch and their baby.

  • Having a delicious dinner at Gary Danko with my sister and brother-in-law.

  • Having a great birthday/last night in San Francisco with my friends. The night was capped off with a cake made for me by
    Ari and Elisa. HUGE considering Ari is not a baker! And oh-so-delicious!

  • Getting to spend lots of time with some of my girls back at home. Whether it was cooking dinners together or grabbing some
    wine nearby...I had a great time doing it all. :)

  • Meeting one of my best friend’s new little guy in Orange County, CA. Also getting to be with him while he experienced
    Disneyland for the first time. For that matter, ‘Soaring over California’, It’s a Small World and Hollywood Tower of Terror
    were definite highlights.

  • Having Lea and Bill talk me into getting on a bike. I ended up being able to ride one for the first time without any problems
    at all! Who cares if it was a bike made for a 9-year old...

  • Hanging out and visiting my friend in Chicago. Also getting to see other friends who live in Evanston, IL.