While I'm by no means a professional, I do enjoy taking pictures.
Especially on vacation. I just bought a new camera for my Africa
trip (the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5). I didn't know all there was
to know before I left for my trip but I did learn how to do some
things on my camera while on my trip. I'm planning on using it
more extensively in the City to get more practice.

While I don't have many skills when it comes to using a camera,
I've been told I have a 'good eye'. I like making scrapbboks for each
trip I take.

Recently I found a great website to make my own coffee-table style
book. It's called
www.mypublisher.com. I used this to make books
for my Iceland pictures and for my Africa pictures.

I'm hoping to take some photography classes before I go on my
trip. I also realized how important it is to have extra memory cards.
I plan to go with three 1GB cards and 4 rechargeable batteries for
my camera. This way I won't be in a bind if I'm in a place for a
period of time where electricity isn't an option.