Some Time on
the Penang
Parasailing with my sister.
January 25, 2008

We had quite a lazy morning today. This was nice.

Actually I had a pretty disrupted sleep throughout the night. I was telling Michelle about it – I told her I kept visualizing her
accident happening. I hate doing it. I keep trying to put happier thoughts into my mind when this happens. But it doesn’t stop
the memory popping into my mind constantly. She told me that she also had a point in the night where she relived the
experience. I can still hear the noise/sound she made. I can still see her trailing the motorbike. I can still seeing the motorbike
driver pulling up the strap of the bag after it had broken and him taking hold of the purse and speeding off. I can still see
Michelle limping in her broken flip-flop trying to run after him and saying “Stop. Stop.” I can still see Michelle with blood all
over her face and on her shirt and her pants. I can still see the by-standers started to run off to try to do something. Okay. So I
clearly need to stop thinking about this. She is okay. Now we can both look back and realize how lucky she was. But it still
doesn’t change how unlucky she was.

Aside from walking on the beach, Michelle wanted to take in some sort of water activity while in Malaysia (since she now won’t
be able to snorkel when we are in Tioman Island). She wanted to give parasailing a go. I hadn’t realized that she had never
been before. I thought we both went together in Hawaii years ago. But she reminded me that I went alone because she got a
bit freaked out about it. So we decided to do it. I got my camera so I could take pictures of Michelle strapped into the harness.
As the man was giving her instructions, I could see that she was tensing up. I yelled out to her and asked if she was okay. She
looked at me and moved her hand to say ‘so so’. I asked her if she wanted to go tandem. She said “Can we?” I told her that it
would be no problem. She then said “If you want to just go, that’s fine too.” I told her that we were going to do this together. I
love parasailing and wanted her to know the feeling of being up in the air over the coast. It was actually great being up there
with her. She really enjoyed it and felt happy and secure that I was the one to deal with the landing and she didn’t have to do
anything other than enjoy herself. To be honest, I felt more at ease knowing I didn’t have to watch her from down below
hoping that she would know how to do the landing. It was a good start to our morning.

The rest of our time was literally spent lazing around just listening to the water. Really…a great way to spend the day.

Later it was time to hit the airport – we were off to Kuching in Borneo. We just arrived. Haven’t seen anything yet since it’s the
evening. Off to check things out in the morning.
Back to Malaysia.
Pretty boulders on the beach.
A floating mosque.