At the Fort in Orchha.
Another colorful saree.
October 31, 2007

I have to admit that I didn’t spend too much time here. But the time that I did have was extremely nice. This was one of those
unexpected places that I had never heard of before a couple days ago. But since figuring out the other day that I was going to
give the Andaman Islands a ‘pass’ (after talking to people at the hotel in Varanasi who had far from pleasant things to say
about it
and the fact that it would have taken so many different flights/train rides just to get there), I was going to be passing
through Orchha…so why not stop here?

Another Indian city, more Indian temples. Shocking! And a fort – another shock. Though this time around, I am enjoying
coming across a fort. It was last year in Rajasthan when this girl was completely ‘forted out’. Maybe it was a case of ‘absence
makes the heart grow fonder’ as I really enjoyed wandering through this place. Sure, we had to wave off countless guides
trying to give us a tour. After all, I am on top of this fort stuff – a king and queen (or in this case, many queens) lived here and
different areas were used for different functions. I was not here to take in this information – I was here to take in the views
from the top looking out to see the tops of countless shrines peaking through greenery all over the city.

After our fort visit, it was time to part ways with Christine. Almost two full weeks together. We had never even met before –
so crazy that it all ended up working out so well. We’re even thinking of trying to meet up during the holidays. Hopefully
something can work out. In the meantime, it was time to give some hugs as she is on her way to Agra tonight to go see the Taj
before leaving India and I have the night here in Orchha. I spent more time exploring a bit more on my own – stumbled across
countless temples and palace-like buildings. Didn’t go into any – just admired them from the outside. This is an Indian city that
doesn’t make you frustrated – it makes you at peace when you walk around. Always much appreciated out here!

I decided to stay somewhere a bit nicer than the basic hotel out here since there isn’t tons to do – at least my hotel has a pool
area that was nice to sit at while having a cup of evening tea. And having a nice dinner was also another bonus. Oh yeah…and
toiletries. The little things that make me excited these days.

Tomorrow I head to Bhopal by train. I have no idea what to do out there…but that’s where the airport is and that will be how I
make my way out to Goa. Will hopefully be able to walk around town a bit more to admire the palaces and temples one last
time before I get in that rickshaw to head to the train station…
Back to India.
One of many temples in Orchha.
Another holy cow.