New Zealand
January 27, 2007

  • Just like Australia, this country is much more expensive than you would think.

  • The Maori language is used in many places and it is fun to learn new words along the way.

  • I feel it is a ‘must’ to have a car in this country. Granted, I don’t know how the bus system is (i.e. the Kiwi Experience, etc.)
    but it is nice to be able to stop anywhere you want to and go at your own pace.

  • If traveling alone, hostels are pretty much the way to go. It would be hard to stay on a budget and have your own room. Many
    of the hostels are really good though. Motels were great to stay at when three of us were traveling together.

  • The Food Network is great out there – there is no censorship so they drop the f-bombs and everything!

  • Almost everything in this country is based around the scenery. It makes it kind of sad when the weather isn’t nice because
    that decreases how beautiful the scenery is. But when the sun is shining…it is nothing short of stunning

  • If you like sweet potatoes, you are in the right place! They are called ‘kumaras’ out there. ‘Kumara chips’ are what Americans
    would know as sweet potato fries.

  • L&P soda is something that is native to New Zealand. There is also ‘Sweet as L&P’ which is the sugar-free alternative. It is

  • Wine tasting is amazing out here. Simply amazing. I had some of the most amazing Pinot Noirs in my life in the Central Otago

  • As everybody else says, the adventurous activities are a must down here. There are also some tame ones (i.e. ziplining and
    jetboating) for people who aren’t sure that they want to jump off cliffs.

  • Cities such as Wellington and Christchurch are a great place to spend some time in after spending so much time void of people
    while on the road.

  • If somebody needs to choose one island over another, pick the South Island!

  • It seems like it’s not too large of a country but it is virtually impossible to see and do it all. It’s necessary to pick the things
    that are a priority for you.

  • Sadly, heli-hiking on glaciers is never a ‘sure thing’. You can reserve your spot but that doesn’t make a difference when the
    weather is bad and they have to cancel your trip.
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