March 3, 2006
So I am now in ‘productivity’ mode. I have no choice. I leave for my trip next month.
Next month. Holy smokes. In addition, I can’t even believe how slammed I am with
things between now and then.

In the next seven weeks, I am out of town four different weekends. That means a lot of
stuff needs to happen during the week.

I started getting on-the-ball this week. I went to the Russian consulate on my lunch
break one day to find out how difficult it’s going to be to get my visa issued to me in
Budapest. Luckily, I am quite convinced that it will not be too difficult. Keep in mind,
as recently as last weekend I was ready to forgo this part of my trip (despite having
already paid for my Trans-Mongolian Railway tour) because I had just watched the
Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and one of his friends. First, I have to say that
I now just love Ewan McGregor. He and his friend Charlie were simply awesome. But
the documentary also showed the planning process of their trip and let me just say
that they did not make obtaining a Russian visa look like a walk in the park. Or even a
walk in the steepest hills, for that matter. And that was obtaining a visa in their home
country. I’m going to have to see what it’s like to get one in a country where I don’t
even speak their language (Hungary). Well, it’s all part the journey. Right???

At the end of the week I made my way over to the India consulate on a lunch break.
Getting an India visa was extremely easy. The standard service is that it’s even ready
for you the same day! I can only hope things will be this seamless when I arrive in
India. Hmmm…. That definitely might be a stretch.