Lost/Forgotten Items...
Second Part of Trip:

  1. My favorite little hair clip.
  2. A small black bag with random stuff in it. The thing I am sad about losing is the really good
    concealer I had in it. :(
  3. I left my all-time favorite Nike sports bra (and random tank top) at the Hyatt in Delhi. I was stupid
    and put them in a part of the room that wasn't near the rest of my stuff. Once we were on our flight,
    I realized my stupidity.
  4. I had a container with 10 CDs in it. Half of them I put my pics onto (the others were blank). Turned
    out I left them in one of my hotels. Crap! The absolutely incredibly lucky part about this is that
    normally I delete the full-size pics off my computer immediately after doing this to free up space.
    For some reason, I decided to wait to do this. The pics that were on those CDs are still on my
    computer so I can make new CDs. Phew! Close call! (* Also some great news! Christine told me I
    actually left these in the taxi and she realized it when she got to the train station. So she took them
    with her and shipped them back home with some of her other stuff. So they have been rescued even
    though I already had a solution. :) )
  5. I left my remaining sports bra and shirt in a hotel. Why do I not check these things more
  6. And this is why I never buy umbrellas....because I always lose them! The latest casualty happened
    in Bali. I wish it would still be raining after I leave a restaurant so that I would have a reason to
    remember it!

First Part of Trip:

  1. Sunglass case
  2. A sock (doesn't sound like a big deal but it kind of is when you only have 4 pairs with you)
  3. I came here with a pair of sunglasses I loved. Sadly, I will not be returning home with them. I still
    have no idea where we parted ways. < Sniff sniff.> All I know is that it was somewhere in Krakow.
  4. Lens cap for my camera
  5. Two bottles of wine --(THIS WAS RECOVERED! My hotel in Cape Town had it sent to the Hyatt in
    Johannesburg! Yippee!)
  6. Make-up bag (Trish McEvoy make-up kit, MAC make-up brushes and earrings) -- (THIS WAS
    ALSO  RECOVERED! My hotel also sent this to the Hyatt! Double yippee!)
  7. My hat (How did I lose my hat??? I still have no idea where it went!)
  8. My pajama bottoms
  9. My favorite hair clip
  10. My sunscreen
  11. My bug spray
  12. My beloved Tweezerman tweezers
  13. My Chinese painting kit with my personalized stamp that I bought in Yangshuo. How did I lose
    this??? Where could I have left this bag? I am still crushed about this. :-(
  14. My black sarong
  15. Sunglass Pair #2 broke in Thailand
  16. Two out of my three vases broke while in transport around Thailand (so very, very sad as I had
    high hopes of what I was going to do with the 'set' of vases)
  17. Sunglass Pair #3 broke in Vietnam
  18. Sunglass Pair #4 got swiped on my diving trip while on the boat
  19. Sunglass Pair #5 got forgotten on my sailing trip in the Whitsundays
  20. Bottle of Woodstock Cab-Shiraz broke on Melbourne street
  21. My black parka that disappeared from me while I was on the ferry in between the North and South
    islands of New Zealand
  22. My earplugs (left them at a hostel)
  23. Umbrella (I forgot it at a cafe 30 minutes after I bought it - I realized this 4 days later)
  24. My hat (left it at a refugio that I was leaving before the sun rose so I was unable to see that it was left
  25. The wool hat (that I bought just 2 days prior) - I think it fell out of my bag in the closet at the hostel
    and it was gone when I checked the closet later that night.
  26. My Antarctica bookmark with the cute little Gentoo penguins on it.
  27. I lost my hat that I JUST bought and loved. I think I left it on the bus from Mendoza. Doh!!!
  28. One of my earrings that I bought in Mendoza while I was on my overnight Bolivian bus ride. And I
    really liked those earrings...
  29. Dulce de leche that I bought. I think I left it in a shop when I was buying a pair of boots. Doh!