Klutzy Moves...
First Part of Trip...

  • I literally fell on my face while walking up to a bar in the Taksim area. Luckily, Cindy
    was there so it gave us a good laugh.

  • My ankle experienced a weak moment today in Prague. In its moment of weakness,
    it decided to collapse. I ended up collapsing with it. This was the kind of move that
    breeds sprained ankles so instead of being utterly embarrassed, I was just feeling
    fortunate that no major damage was done.

  • Upon descending a flight of stairs in Bled (Slovenia), down I went. I don't know if it
    was due to my knees giving out on me for a brief moment, my shoes slipping or the
    actual stairs themselves. Okay, okay. I know it was most likely not the latter. Just
    thought that might make me look a bit better. At least my sister was with me during
    the moment of embarrassment. Aside from embarrassment, there was actually also
    pain involved with this 'klutz maneuver'. I managed to skin the side of my foot which
    prompted the need for some band-aids. And because I'm a self-proclaimed klutz, I
    had these on hand so all was good.

  • I cause my leg to bleed non-stop by brushing up against the ocean floor while I was
    diving. Despite efforts to put lots of pressure and lots of gauze on the cut, the bleeding
    wouldn't stop. It was still, in fact, bleeding the next day. Maybe I should have gotten
    stitches??? Oh well. I'm just going to tough this one out...

  • I sliced my finger on an artificial reef while diving in Thailand.

  • I dropped the box with my wines in it and broke them on a sidewalk in Melbourne,

  • Grazing my foot across a sea urchin when I was scuba-diving in Easter Island. I am
    still unable to get a small piece of it out of my heel.

  • I was buying a pair of earrings from a little market. The guy had to go get change.
    While he was doing that, I went to look at another pair of earrings. A couple seconds
    later I notice that I knocked my Coke over in the process and it has gone all over the
    table all over his merchandise. I apologized profusely when he came back and he was
    so nice and understanding about it. I felt like such an a*s.

  • My ankle buckled underneath me when we were walking down from Machu Picchu. I
    practically fell on my face. Thank God for my hands that broke the fall. Also,
    thankfully nothing happened to my ankles. Close call.

  • I missed the last stair when I was coming down the stairs at my hotel in Quito. Proof
    that I can't do two things at once as I was too busy saying 'Buenos dias' to the guys
    who were working at the reception desk. They rushed over as I went to the ground. I
    got up super speedy and had to tell them not to worry - these things happen often.
Second Part of Trip...

  • I would like to think this doesn't count since it wasn't in public...but I think I have to
    mention it. It was almost like a scene out of a movie - I walked into the bathroom
    while the bathtub was filling up and my foot stepped in water and slipped right up
    and I slipped on my back on the bathroom floor. Oops!

  • literally fell on my face when I went on a run along the River Thames in London. I
    laughed it off as people were asking if I was okay.

  • Slipping on a big puddle of water in the main entrance of the medina in Fes. The
    entire back of my right leg was wet and dirty - I don't even want to know what the
    'dirt' was as there are donkeys relieving themselves everywhere!

  • I was hiking to the top of the mountain in Dubrovnik. The wonderful thing about the
    trail is that you can just turn your head and see sweeping views of the Old City and
    the Adriatic. I guess that would also be the thing that would do me in. I should know
    not to try to multi-task by walking and looking at views at the same time. I bailed.
    Flat on the hand and instantly my palm swelled. I have lost most range of motion in
    that hand. I figure if it is really bad in a few days, I will get it checked out. Otherwise,
    I'm not going to worry about it.