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Indian Wedding...
October 26, 2007

Move over Vince and Owen...here come Jen and Christine!

While drinking for the first time in a while, I got a wonderful idea while watching people at
the hotel set up for a wedding by the pool...

"Hey Christine... Why don't we wear our sarees tonight to the wedding outside????" It
didn't even take convincing - she was game. So we got ready and put on our attire. As we
were about to go outside, we asked a girl if we had put on everything correctly. She didn't
even hesitate to say 'no'. She came to the bathroom with us and started from the beginning.
She was absolutely amazing with what she could do with a saree! I want to bring her home
with me next year so she can help me get dressed on Halloween.

Before we went out to the wedding, I did make sure that it was, in fact, a Hindu wedding
taking place. It was. Talk about a different world from the wedding we were just at! This one
was very posh (first give-away was the venue of the event). The dj was playing my kind of
music (Usher and the likes) and the guests (including the Indians) were wearing cute
dresses like we would wear at home. Some were wearing sarees - but most of those people
were older. Nobody was henna-fied either.

We enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and some of the food stations (a favorite was the Swiss
Station with raclette). After hanging out for a bit, we finally called it a night at midnight. We
never saw the bride and groom. Not sure if they ever appeared. Though they must have at
some point, right???

It at least felt good to break my saree in while in India. :)

I have attached pics of:

1) A 'Jen-wrapped' saree...
2) A 'Hyatt miracle-worker wrapped' saree...