Lists of Hotel and
Food-Related Things...
These lists refer to some of my favorite food and hotel moments along the way...
Best Outdoor Place to Have a Drink

  1. Sydney
  2. Noosa (Australia)
  3. Rovinj (Croatia)
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. Rio de Janeiro
  6. Buzios (Brazil)
  7. Hoi An
  8. Dahab
  9. Cape Town
  10. Cairns (Australia)
  11. Ljubljana
  12. Ortakoy area in Istanbul
  13. Downtown Beirut
  14. Lake Bled
  15. Prague
  16. Queenstown (New Zealand)
  17. Melbourne (Australia)
  18. Quito (in the main square in Mariscal)
  19. Listvyanka (Russia) - at Lake Baikal
Favorite Hotels

  1. Hilton Resort, Rangali Island (Maldives)
  2. JW Marriott (Mumbai)
  3. InterContinental (Jo'Burg airport)
  4. Fateh Bagh (Ranakpur, India)
  5. BoBo Hotel (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  6. La Otra Orilla (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  7. Sheraton Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
  8. Baan Orapin (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  9. Ajit Bhawan (Jodhpur, India)
  10. Park Hyatt (Johannesburg)
  11. Hotel Longchamps (Cairo)
  12. Tibet Hotel (Chengdu, China)
  13. De Waterkant Village (Cape Town)
  14. Argentino Hotel (Mendoza, Argentina)
  15. Central Hotel Shanghai (China)
  16. Port View Hotel (Beirut)
  17. Penguin Village (Dahab)
  18. Melrose Allgau (Pamukkale)
Favorite Restaurants

  1. Jemima's (Oudtshoorn, South Africa)
  2. Sucre (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  3. Ummo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  4. Capella (Cape Town, South Africa)
  5. The Wine Bar (Hilton Maldives)
  6. Celadon (Bangkok)
  7. Mahanaga (Bangkok)
  8. Como Agua Para Chocolate (Santiago)
  9. Allure (Mendoza, Argentina)
  10. Cluny (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  11. Isola (Hong Kong)
  12. M on the Bund (Shanghai)
  13. La Boca del Lobo (Quito, Ecuador)
  14. Red Sushi (Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands)
  15. Bazzar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  16. Omm (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  17. Va Bene (Hong Kong)
  18. A Future Perfect (Shanghai)
  19. The Blue Pumpkin (Siem Reap)
  20. On The Rocks (Phuket, Thailand)
  21. Green Tangerine (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  22. Nam Kha (Saigon, Vietnam)
  23. Bacchus (Blenheim, New Zealand)
  24. La Cabrera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  25. Outdoor restaurant at the Oriental (Bangkok)
  26. Bakery at the JW Marriott (Mumbai)
  27. Pampa Picante (Buenos Aires)
  28. M Yogo (Cairns, Australia)
  29. Mott (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  30. Cafe Fresco (Phnom Penh)
  31. Mokka (Budapest, Hungary)
  32. La Bodega (Cairo, Egypt)
  33. Tifani (Split, Croatia)
  34. Parratta's (Cairns, Australia)
  35. Element Fresh (Shanghai, China)
  36. Basilico (Mumbai)
  37. Quills at the Inter-Continental (Jo'Burg, South Africa)
  38. Toto (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  39. Surreal (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  40. Cafe de la Paix (Siem Reap)
  41. Ploof (New Delhi, India)
  42. Vudu Cafe (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  43. Mix (Hong Kong)
  44. Jack's (Cusco, Peru)
  45. Dasaprakash (India)
  46. Miod Malina (Krakow, Poland)
  47. Patagonia Chocolate (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  48. Cafe Eucalyptus (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Best Restaurants (in general)

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Vietnam
  4. Sydney
  5. Thailand
  6. Rio de Janeiro
  7. Cape Town
  8. Shanghai
  9. Budapest
  10. Beirut
  11. Santiago
  12. Adelaide (Australia)
  13. Noosa (Australia)
  14. Tel Aviv
  15. Beijing
  16. Krakow
  17. Siem Reap
Best Food Items That I Have Consumed

  1. The 'Chocolate Louver' at the Cargo Club restaurant in Hoi An
  2. The mudfish I had at Nam Kha in Saigon
  3. Banana Blossom and prawn salad (at Paris Deli in Hanoi, Vietnam)
  4. Shrimp paste wrapped around sugar cane and then assembled into 'make-your-own' rolls
  5. Sushi at Platypus (Santiago, Chile) - the Platypus Roll: creamy queso and steak in the
    middle, then seaweed, then rice, then cooked salmon with panko crumbs. Delish!!!
  6. Papaya Salad (Thailand)
  7. Fresh yogurt in different flavors such as cappuccino, passionfruit, mango, caramel crunch
    and apples & cinnamon (Australia)
  8. Smoked salmon sandwich at Mott (Buenos Aires) - on homemade beyond-fresh bread
    with caramelized lemons
  9. Provoleta (Buenos Aires) - my favorites were at Mama Racha and at Sucre.
  10. Black pepper crab (Singapore)
  11. Alfajor (Puerto Varas, Chile) - Dark chocolate with raspberries and ganache in the middle.
  12. Mango Juice (Egypt) - it literally had chunks of mango in it; 100% freshly made.
  13. Lamb with berry sauce and crispy sweet potatoes at Divina Patagonia (Buenos Aires)
  14. Dosa - Southern Indian dish that is like a stuffed oversized crepe. Different varieties with
    a selection of sauces.
  15. Salmon with ricotta cheese and spinach baked with a thin dough around it served with
    sauteed mushrooms (Santiago, Chile)
  16. Filet mignon with an apricot sauce and rice mixed with creamy brie cheese (Rio)
  17. 'Bife de Lomo' cooked 'medio crudo' (Buenos Aires)
  18. Murgh Irani (Jodhpur, India) - I had this at the Garden Restaurant and could have
    almost licked the plate.
  19. The tomato and mozzarella 'entree' at Sucre (in Buenos Aires)
  20. Hummus (Middle East) - It is to-die-for when they heat up whole chickpeas and olive oil
    and put it in the center of the hummus.
  21. Pumpkin and chicken ravioli at Juana M (in Buenos Aires)
  22. Pieroshkies (Poland and Russia) - There's a variety of things to stuff these with.
  23. Ostrich Steak (South Africa) - Sooo good!
  24. Best grilled veggie sandwich I have ever tasted (in Phnom Penh)
  25. Patagonian chocolate (I loved every variety that I tried)
  26. 'Bombon Sello' at Tikal Chocolates in Buenos Aires
  27. The creme de cacao alfajor from Havanna (in Argentina)
  28. South African chutneys
  29. Chocolate from Haigh's (Australia)
  30. Baklava - Delicious in small doses as it is very sweet.
  31. Rusks (South Africa) - I consider this a breakfast biscotti.
  32. Cadberry 'Lunch' bar - One of the greatest candy bars on the market. Also Cadbury's
    'Night Picnic' bar.
  33. Grilled calamari on the Croatian coast.
  34. Ceviche (with trout, onions, mushrooms, lemon juice and sweet potatoes)
  35. Suspiro de Limeña (hard to describe but a great dessert I had in Santiago at a Peruvian
  36. A chocolate/marshmallow candy at the bakery at the JW Marriott in Mumbai.
  37. The different cheeses (about eight in total) that I had at the cheese and wine bar at the
    Hilton Maldives.
  38. 'White roses' - shrimp dumplings (Hoi An, Vietnam)
  39. Empanadas at La Cupertina (Buenos Aires)
  40. Banh (Hue, Vietnam)
  41. Mango with Sticky Rice (Thailand)
  42. A fruit called the 'mangosteen'. Also the rambutan.
  43. Momos (Tibetan dumplings).
  44. Blinis with smoked salmon.
  45. Sweet and sour seafood (Phuket, Thailand)
  46. Peking duck with all the trimmings
  47. Sauteed taro and pumpkin (in Beijing)
  48. Steamed dumplings filled with spinach and shrimp
  49. Stir-fried pumpkin
  50. Crunchy 'rice krispie treat-like sweets in China.
  51. Steamed buns stuffed with spinach.
  52. Tilapia with chilies and garlic with sticky black rice (in Shanghai).
  53. Great fresh baked bread at A Future Perfect (I don't know the last time I had 'real' bread)
  54. Penne with lobster (in Hong Kong)
  55. Eggplant ravioli (in Hong Kong)
  56. Amok fish ravioli with coconut sauce (in Siem Reap)
  57. Fish in palm sugar (in Phnom Penh)
  58. Seafood empanadas (in Easter Island)
  59. 'Ginger zinger' - pineapple, apple and ginger frappe (in Phnom Penh)
  60. Curried pumpkin and scallops (in Bangkok)
  61. Salteñas - a cross between an empanada and a mini chicken pot pie (in Bolivia)
  62. Seafood pizza (in Australia and New Zealand)
  63. 'Fruit shakes' - fresh fruit blended with ice (in South-East Asia)
  64. Antipasto platters with cheeses, breads, dips, seafood, marinated veggies and smoked
    meats (in Queenstown, New Zealand)
  65. Salmon panini toasted to perfection with cream cheese, onions and tomatoes (in Reefton,
    New Zealand)
  66. Apple empanadas (Chile)
  67. Uncut sushi rolls (in Australia)
  68. Mince fruit pies during Christmas (in Australia)
  69. McDonald's Dulce-de-leche soft-serve ice cream
  70. A very simple yet oh-so-tasty sandwich - great toasty bread with chopped tomatoes,
    onions and cucumber mixed with guacamole (Baños, Ecuador)
  71. A traditional ecuadorian black bean soup - (Hotel Posada del Arte in Baños, Ecuador)
  72. Blackberry juice (Baños, Ecuador)
Best Cuisine

  1. Vietnam
  2. Thailand
  3. Beirut
  4. India
  5. South Africa
  6. Tel Aviv
  7. Shanghai
  8. Istanbul
  9. Beijing
  10. Cambodia
  11. Argentina
McDonald's Soft-Serve Sundae Toppings That I've Had
  1. Hot Fudge
  2. Caramel
  3. Strawberry
  4. Strawberry/Hot Fudge combo
  5. Raspberry (Krakow)
  6. Cherry (Slovenia and Croatia)
  7. Pineapple (China)
  8. Sundaes on top of a layer of jello (Thailand)
  9. Sundae with triple-berry sauce and waffle cone chips (Australia)
  10. Manjar (i.e. dulce de leche) soft-serve (Chile) and Dulce de leche in
  11. Passionfruit (Lima, Peru)
  12. Meringue sundae in a wafflecone cup

* I still want to put in a request for an apple topping!
Favorite Hotel Rooms

  1. Hilton Resort, Rangali Island (Maldives)
  2. Amet Haveli (Udaipur, India)
  3. Inter-Continental (Jo'Burg airport)
  4. Apartment at the Aurum Suites
    (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  5. Fateh Bagh (Ranakpur, India)
  6. BoBo Hotel (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  7. De Waterkant Village (Cape Town)
  8. Park Hyatt (Johannesburg)
  9. JW Marriott (Mumbai)
  10. Quadrant (Auckland, New Zealand)
  11. Tibet Hotel (Chengdu, China)
  12. Ajit Bhawan (Jodhpur, India)
  13. Hotel Longchamps (Cairo)
  14. Wolong Hotel (Wolong, China)
  15. Mirador Hotel (Copacabana, Bolivia)
  16. Argentino Hotel (Mendoza, Argentina)
  17. Hostal Milan (Cuenca, Ecuador)
  18. Nam Hai 2 Hotel (Hanoi, Vietnam)
New Fruits That I Have Tried

  1. Mangosteen - Asia
  2. Custard apple - Asia (this is called
    'guanabana' in South America)
  3. Rambutan - Asia
  4. Dragonfruit - Asia
  5. Tuna (fruit from a prickly pear cactus) - in
    South America
  6. Golden-yellow berries (that look like
    boysenberries) - in Turkey
  7. Jackfruit - Asia (not the hugest fan)
  8. Apricot-looking fruit (but it is smooth and
    not fuzzy) that you peel - Istanbul
  9. Langons - Asia
  10. Fresh lychees - Asia
  11. Pomelo - Asia
  12. Rose apple - Asia (didn't care for this)
  13. Starfruit - Asia (didn't care for this either)
  14. Tree tomato - Galapagos Islands
  15. Gooseberries
Favorite Hostels

  1. La Casa Roja in Santiago, Chile
  2. YHA in Noosa, Australia
  3. Ipanema Beach House in Rio de Janeiro
  4. Compass del Sur in Puerto Varas, Chile
  5. Nuevo Mundo in Ancud, Chile
  6. Patagonia Adventure in Puerto Natales, Chile
  7. Hostal Milan in Cuenca, Ecuador
  8. Hostelling International in Hangzhou, China
  9. Captain's Hostel in Shanghai, China
  10. YHA in Adelaide, Australia
  11. YHA in Melbourne, Australia
Places I Had Afternoon Tea

  1. Hilton - Maldives
  2. Hotel de la Paix - Siam Reap
  3. The Peninsula - Bangkok
  4. Sofitel Metropole - Hanoi
  5. Park Hyatt - Saigon
  6. InterContinental - Singapore
  7. Hyatt Regency - Santiago
  8. Park Hyatt - Mendoza
  9. JW Marriott - Lima
  10. Park Hyatt - Buenos Aires