Holiday E-mail From
December 22, 2006

Hello to all!

I just wanted to wish everybody a 'Happy Christmas' (as they say out here in Oz) and 'Happy
Chanukah'. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

As you all know, my holiday season is quite a bit 'different' this year (well, not so different if you happen
to reside on the southern half of the hemisphere). I meant to spend it in Melbourne. I thought being in
a 'city' would be fun. I'm a sucker for a good Christmas song or two and I thought being in the city
would give me this opportunity to sing along with them (don't worry...only in my mind - not aloud).

All along I knew I would be heading to Melbourne from Adelaide. I was following my typical routine of
'I'll book things once I get to Adelaide'. I mean...come on...why should I do these things in advance??? I have now learned my lesson as I will not be seeing Melbourne on Christmas after all.
There were absolutely no spots available anywhere for me. Well, there was one but that would have
entailed leaving Adelaide the day after I arrived. Forgo all wine tasting??? I think NOT!

Instead I will be spending Christmas somewhere along the Great Ocean Road. I have no idea where. I
have no idea if I will see a Santa hat. I have no idea if I will hear a Christmas song. What I
do know is
that I will see an ocean. Now that's not so bad, right??? I also know that there will be candy canes (as I
just bought a pack). And I know that I will have a couple presents to open (as I went Christmas
shopping for myself in Noosa so that I would have
something to open on Christmas day...pathetic but
true!). I leave tomorrow morning and arrive in Melbourne on Boxing Day (December 26). (Wait! That
means I will actually be getting into Melbourne when it's Christmas Day in San Francisco...does that
count for anything????)

So those are my plans. I hope you all have your own fun adventures for the holiday!

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas cheer. Enjoy some of it for me as it still feels out of sorts being
in such hot weather!!!