Lists of Different Experiences...
These are lists of different things I have experienced (both good and bad) along the way...
First-Time Experiences

  1. Hot-air balloon ride
  2. Bathing in a hammam
  3. Using a clothesline to dry my clothes
  4. Using my computer as a telephone
  5. Riding a donkey (in Petra)
  6. Camping in the desert (Wadi Rum)
  7. Seeing a camel on a beach
  8. Bathing with saltwater at a hotel
  9. Hiking in the middle of the night
  10. Sailing on a felucca
  11. Sleeping on a bed in a train
  12. Getting busted by the transit police
  13. Having a winery fill up empty soda bottles with wine (Eger)
  14. Quad-biking
  15. Canoing
  16. A night safari
  17. Zip-lining
  18. Abseiling (i.e. repelling)
  19. Watching giant tortoises have sex
  20. Using a hot water bottle in my bed
  21. Feeding elephants
  22. Hand-feeding monkeys
  23. Riding an ostrich
  24. Bottle feeding a white tiger
  25. Bottle feeding, holding and kissing a 1-month white lion cub
  26. Pitching a tent
  27. Camping for a week
  28. A night safari
  29. White-water rafting
  30. Microlight ride
  31. Getting seasick
  32. Being on an island that only uses oxcarts as transportation
  33. Seeing one of the parties of an Indian wedding (with an
    extremely unhappy-looking bride and groom
  34. Seaplane ride
  35. Going trekking
  36. Sleeping on a bed in a bus
  37. Horseback riding in the countryside
  38. Staying in a ger
  39. Climbing the Great Wall
  40. Working/playing with pandas
  41. Sleeping with an electric blanket
  42. Going to a hospital in a different country (Thailand)
  43. Having a biopsy
  44. Riding an elephant
  45. Watching elephants paint pictures and play musical
  46. Sea canoeing through caves at night
  47. Seeing an embalmed monk sitting in the meditating position
  48. Watching water puppets (Hanoi)
  49. Riding in a cyclo
  50. Shooting a gun (an MK-16 at Cu Chi)
  51. Climbing a bridge (Sydney)
  52. Holding a sea cucumber
  53. Staying overnight in a rainforest
  54. Swimming with huge turtles
  55. Drinking sparkling red wine
  56. Seeing koalas and kangaroos
  57. Helicopter flight over the ocean
  58. Christmas away from friends and family
  59. New Year's Eve in a tropical locale
  60. Getting slightly eletrocuted (when carelessly plugging
    something into my adapter)
  61. Doing the 'zorb' in New Zealand
  62. Driving on the other side of the road
  63. Walking across a real swing bridge
  64. 'Flying' across a river on the 'Flying Fox'
  65. Going on a jet boat ride
  66. Hang-gliding
  67. Boogie boarding down a sand dune
  68. Watching a 'kill' in Antarctica (a seal killing and eating a
  69. Hiking in Antarctica
  70. Voluntarily going into freezing cold water (Antarctica)
  71. Going on an 'ice cruise'
  72. Seeing a massive glacier up close
  73. Getting a piece of sea urchin in my foot
  74. Seeing a lunar eclipse
  75. Getting robbed
  76. Filing a police report (also the first time doing this in
    another country!)
  77. A hydro-massage
  78. Playing (and winning!) 'Bus Bingo'
  79. Seeing llamas
  80. Hanging out on salt flats
  81. Seeing an active volcano
  82. Steam bath experience
  83. Sucking the juice out of an actual sugar cane plant
  84. Swimming with sea lions
  85. Seeing sharks while snorkeling and diving
  86. Standing on the equator
  87. Zip-lining from the top of a hill into an ocean
  88. Being on an island with guys with wheel barrels as taxis.
  89. Going to a 'real' football game (i.e. soccer) in South America
Holidays/Festivals I've Experienced

  1. Independence Day in India.
  2. The days leading up to Onam in Kerala, India.
  3. The 'National Holiday' in China.
  4. The Mid-Autumn Festival in China.
  5. Water Festival in Cambodia.
  6. Loi Krathong in Bangkok.
  7. Christmas on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
  8. New Year's Eve in Fiji.
  9. Sao George in Rio.
Places I've Gone Diving

  1. Dahab
  2. Seychelles (Praslin)
  3. Thailand (Bungalow Bay near Phuket)
  4. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  5. Easter Island
  6. Galapagos Islands
Spa Treatments I Have Had

  1. Turkish 'Hamman' - Istanbul
  2. Body Polish - JW Marriott, Mumbai
  3. Aromatherapy Massage - Over-Water Spa, Hilton, Maldives
  4. Fruit Wrap - Spa Retreat, Hilton, Maldives
  5. Khmer Full-Body Massage - Place on the street, Siem Reap
  6. Thai Massage - Thai Privilege Spa, Bangkok
  7. Thai Massage - Lotus Day Spa, Chiang Mai
  8. Thai Massage - Thai Privilege Spa (again), Bangkok
  9. Vietnamese Massage - Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi
  10. Spa Pedicure - Qi Spa, Hanoi
  11. Aromatherapy Massage - L'Apothiquaire (District 3, HCMC
  12. Facial - L'Apothiquaire (District 3, HCMC)
  13. Manicure and Pedicure - L'Apothiquaire (District 3, HCMC)
  14. Brazilian wax - L'Apothiquaire (District 1, Saigon)
  15. Hot Stone Massage - Saigon
  16. (Ecuadorian???) bikini wax - Baños, Ecuador
  17. Fango Body Mask - Buzios, Brazil
  18. Manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax - Buenos Aires
Places Where They Drive on the Opposite Side of the Street

  1. London
  2. South Africa
  3. Botswana
  4. Zambia
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Seychelles
  7. India
  8. Maldives
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Nepal
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Thailand
  13. Australia
  14. New Zealand
  15. Fiji
Places Where I Have Snorkeled

  1. Dahab
  2. Eilat
  3. Maldives
  4. Thailand (Maya Bay)
  5. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  6. Whitsunday Islands (Australia)
  7. Fiji
  8. Galapagos Islands
  9. Brazil (near Arraial do Cabo)
Places Where I've Gotten Scammed
  1. Cairo
  2. Mumbai
  3. Nepal
  4. Beijing (twice)
Things That Have Irritated Me

  1. The Bedouin people in Petra
  2. Hacking of phlegm
  3. ATMs that don't accept my debit card
  4. Being on a tour and getting stuck with an annoying person
  5. Getting turned down for a Russian Cape Town
  6. Getting caught in a monsoon without proper attire
  7. Getting scammed in Beijing
  8. Having tuk-tuks refuse to go somewhere without making additional
    stops at shops (in Thailand)
  9. People clapping when the airplane lands
  10. Non-aggressive taxi drivers
Places Where I Have Gotten Screwed on

  1. Beirut
  2. Egypt
  3. Mumbai
  4. Nepal
  5. Rio
  6. Buenos Aires
Places I Have Wine Tasted
  1. Pamukkale (Turkey)
  2. Cappadocia (Turkey)
  3. Bekaa Valley (Lebanon)
  4. Eger (Hungary)
  5. Robertson Valley (South Africa)
  6. Hunter Valley (Australia)
  7. Barossa Valley (Australia)
  8. McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills (Australia)
  9. Waiheke Island (New Zealand)
  10. Hawke's Bay (New Zealand)
  11. Marlborough (New Zealand)
  12. Central Otago (New Zealand)
  13. Martinborough (New Zealand)
  14. Maipu, Mendoza (Argentina)
Places I Have Taken Tuk-Tuks (or Something Similar)

  1. New Delhi
  2. Udaipur
  3. Alleppey
  4. Munnar
  5. Cochin
  6. Kathmandu
  7. Siem Reap
  8. Phnom Penh
  9. Bangkok
  10. Chiang Mai
  11. Vietnam
  12. Peru
Worst Driving Conditions

  1. India (chaotic driving in every city)
  2. Bolivia
  3. Cairo
  4. Hanoi
  5. Lebanon (Beirut and Tripoli)
  6. China
  7. Ecuador
  8. Bangkok
  9. Istanbul
  10. Nepal
Experiences in Hong Kong That Weren't  'Chinese'

  1. They drive on the other side of the road
  2. There's a different currency
  3. English is widely spoken
  4. The signs are bilingual
  5. There are double-decker buses
  6. There are Western-chains galore (more than just McDonald's
    and Starbuck's)
  7. People are civilized drivers
  8. Pedestrians are not likely to lose their lives crossing the street
  9. There's no hacking and spitting!
Animals I Have Ridden

  1. Camel (in Turkey and Jordan)
  2. Horse (in Mongolia, Chile and Ecuador)
  3. Donkey (at Petra in Jordan)
  4. Ostrich (in South Africa)
  5. Elephant (in Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Places Where I Have Taken Cooking Classes

  1. Udaipur, India
  2. Yangshuo, China
  3. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  4. Hanoi, Vietnam
  5. Hoi An, Vietnam (Cafe 96)
  6. Hoi An, Vietnam (Red Bridge)
Wineries I Visited in Australia

  1. Fox Creek
  2. Barossa Valley Estate
  3. Woodstock
  4. Langmeil
  5. Penfolds
  6. Wolf Blass
  7. Beer Brothers
  8. Chateau Tanunda
  9. Olive Grove
  10. Hugo Winery
  11. Petaluma Winery
  12. Arranmore Winery
  13. Cooper Wines
  14. San Martino Winery
  15. Brokenwood Winery
Wineries I Visited in New Zealand

  1. Stonyridge
  2. To Matu
  3. Esk Winery
  4. Crab Farm*
  5. Allan Scott
  6. Cloudy Bay
  7. Huia
  8. Fromm
  9. Nautilus
  10. Wairau River
  11. Spy Valley
  12. Kathy Lansky
  13. Highfield
  14. Isabel Winery
  15. Peregrine Winery*
  16. Mt. Difficulty*
  17. Martinborough Vineyards
  18. Margrain
  19. Ata Rangi
  20. Alana Estate*
Some of My More Adventurous Moments

  1. Hang-gliding in Queenstown
  2. White-water rafting in a Class 5 river at Victoria Falls
  3. Rappeling down a cliff (in South Africa)
  4. Climbing atop a huge rock formation in the Wadi Rum desert
  5. Going boogie boarding down sand dunes (New Zealand)
  6. Zip-lining into an ocean
  7. Microlight flight above Victoria Falls
  8. 'Flying Fox' aka 'SupaJen' (in New Zealand)
  9. Quad-biking (made more adventurous by crashing into a tree
    - South Africa)
  10. Jet boat ride through a canyon in Queenstown
  11. Ziplining (in South Africa)
  12. Scuba Diving in Egypt, Seychelles, Thailand, Easter Island,
    Galapagos Islands and Australia
  13. The 'zorb' (in New Zealand)
  14. Going into the Antarctic waters
  15. Getting on motorbikes in Vietnam
  16. Getting into a car in India
  17. Bolivian bus ride
Some of My More Outdoorsy Moments

  1. Spending a day and night in the Wadi Rum desert (including a
    camel ride in the desert)
  2. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Red Sea
  3. Hiking up Mount Sinai in the pitch black to see the sunrise
  4. 3-day felucca trip in Egypt
  5. Canoing in Knysna (South Africa)
  6. Camping safari in Africa
  7. White-water rafting (Zambia)
  8. Walking around the Vallee de Mai (Seychelles)
  9. Beach hopping in Seychelles
  10. Staying in the backwaters in Alleppey in Kerala (India)
  11. Hiking in Munnar (India)
  12. Trekking in Nepal
  13. Hiking in Siberia (Russia)
  14. Horseback riding in Mongolia
  15. Staying in a ger camp in Mongolia
  16. Hiking the Great Wall (China)
  17. Sea canoing (Thailand)
  18. Snorkeling and diving near Phuket (Thailand)
  19. Staying in the rainforest at Cape Tribulation (Australia)
  20. Snorkeling and diving at the Great Barrier Reef
  21. 3-day sailing trip in the Whitsunday Islands (Australia)
  22. Kayaking in Fiji
  23. Snorkeling in Fiji
  24. Sea kayaking at Abel Tasman (New Zealand)
  25. Hiking in Abel Tasman
  26. Trekking in Torres del Paine (Chile)
  27. Trekking on Easter Island
  28. Different diving trips
  29. Horseback riding in the Lake District in Chile
  30. Vallee de la Luna in San Pedro, Chile
  31. Two-day trip to Uyuni, Bolivia from Chile
  32. Hiking up Waynapicchu at Machu Picchu
  33. Horseback riding in Baños, Ecuador
  34. Experiencing the life in the Galapagos Islands
Splurges Made Along the Way

  1. Hot-air balloon ride (Turkey)
  2. Hotel and restaurants in Cairo
  3. Volunteering tour in South Africa
  4. Microflight and white-water rafting in Zambia
  5. Seychelles trip
  6. Scuba diving in Seychelles
  7. Hiring a driver to take me through Rajasthan (India)
  8. Flying vs. taking the train the majority of the time in India
  9. A body polish at a spa in Mumbai
  10. Maldives trip
  11. Snorkel trip in the Maldives
  12. Spa services in the Maldives
  13. Trip to Nepal
  14. Flight over Mt. Everest
  15. Flying vs. taking the train in China
  16. Cooking, painting and calligraphy classes in Yangshuo
  17. Volunteering with panda bears
  18. Shopping in China
  19. Different bars and restaurants in Shanghai
  20. Different restaurants in Siam Reap (Cambodia)
  21. Afternoon tea at the Peninsula (Bangkok)
  22. Lunch at the Oriental (Bangkok)
  23. Other dinners in Bangkok
  24. Having a driver for Northern Thailand
  25. Resort in Phuket
  26. Scuba diving in Thailand
  27. Cooking classes throughout Vietnam
  28. Meals at some great restaurants
  29. Getting a bunch of clothes made in Hoi An
  30. Buying some clothes in Saigon
  31. Whitsundays Islands trip (Australia)
  32. Wine tasting trips in Australia
  33. Bridge Climb in Sydney
  34. Helicopter ride over the Twelve Apostles (Australia)
  35. Abel Tasman Kayaking Tour (New Zealand)
  36. Jet boat ride in Queenstown
  37. Hang-gliding in Queenstown
  38. Buying a great bottle of Pinot Noir in the Central Otago region of
    New Zealand
  39. Bottle of Chardonnay at Alana Estate
  40. Antarctica expedition
  41. Staying at refugios in Torres del Paine
  42. Trip to Easter Island
  43. Andean Lake Crossing boat ride
  44. Diving in Easter Island
  45. Booking a flight from Ecuador to Brazil
  46. Great meals in Santiago
  47. A nice hotel in Mendoza, Argentina
  48. A full-day at Termas Cacheuta (Mendoza)
  49. 'Cama' in bus from Mendoza to Salta
  50. Vistodome train on the return trip from Machu Picchu
  51. South American Explorers Club membership (to have access to their
    facilities in different parts of South America)
  52. Galapagos cruise
  53. Flight from Quito to Brazil
  54. Flights to and from Iguazu Falls
  55. Diving in the Galapagos
  56. 'Football' game in Buenos Aires