Here are the journals/emails I sent to my friends while in Dubai:

The pictures below show some of what we saw in Dubai...
This picture shows a great view of the Madinat Jumeirah and the
view of the Burj al Arab. - This was where we
stayed for the first few nights. 'Al Qasr' translates to 'The
Palace'...and let me just say that it couldn't have been more
accurate! The rooms didn't leave out any attention to detail. - This was the
part of the hotel where we stayed for our last few days. These
rooms are referred to as the 'Summer Villas'. They come complete
with a private swimming pool, courtyard and butler. - This
was the 'underwater' restaurant where we ate at the Burj al Arab.
We took a simulated submarine ride down there. While dining, the
entire middle of the restaurant is surrounded by an aquarium. The
food and service were extremely top notch.
This is the Burj al Arab. This is probably one of the most famous
sites in Dubai. It's simply amazing to see in person. They have
different colored lights reflecting on it from the time the sun goes
down until midnight. It makes it so that you feel like you're always
looking at something a bit different than before.
UAE Desert Challenge - This was the event that brought us to
Dubai. This picture shows what Billy was doing while we were
getting acquainted with Dubai. Billy's team was sponsored by a
company called Power Horse (similar to Red Bull).
Lea, Billy and I all attended the Awards Ceremony for the Desert
Challenge. The Gala was held at Le Meridien. The humidity of
Dubai definitely caught up with us that evening as we all 'glistened'
through the night.
This is a picture of a 4x4 that they use in Dubai to go dune bashing.
We did this during the first part of our desert safari.
While I was there, I decided that the camel is one of my favorite
animals. I loved them so much that one morning I woke up before
the sun rose and had a taxi driver 'take me to see the camels'. He
drove me practically out to the middle of nowhere and talked to
people on the farms to allow me to ride them.
This is an abra on the creek. The abras take people from one side
of the creek to the other for roughly about fifty cents. On one side
of the creek you have gold souks and spice souks. On the other
side, you see predominantly textile souks.
This is the Jumeirah Mosque. This is the only mosque in Dubai
that is open to non-Muslims. I took a tour where they taught us
about Islam. Before women enter, they must cover their hair and
This is a picture of the Emirates Towers. Though it's not totally
visible from this picture, these two buildings are amongst many
other skyscrapers in Dubai. All of these buildings have a unique
and modern look to them. When I went to an apartment of
somebody who lived in Dubai, the balcony looked onto these