Christmas to
Near two of the eight remaining 'Apostles'.
At the Loch Ard Gorge.
A little bit of wind at the London Bridge.
December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas to me.
Happy Christmas to me.
Happy Christmas dear Jennifer.
Happy Christmas to me.

While it might sound odd that I am saying ‘Happy’ Christmas as opposed to ‘Merry’ Christmas…that seems to be how it goes in
this country (they also refer to the days left until Christmas as the ‘number of sleeps until Christmas).

Anyway, I was wondering what I was going to be doing for Christmas this year the moment I arrived in Australia. I was torn.
Small town relaxing in a B&B? Big city where I was feeling the holiday spirit? Hmmm…what was I to do?

I settled on Melbourne. It worked into my schedule with the order I was planning to do things. Plus even if things were closed
all day, I could still wander around and check the city out.

As with many things along the way, this plan was blown to hell when I arrived in Adelaide to find out that there was no way I
could arrive in Melbourne by December 24th. Lack of planning was going to come to bite me in the a*s this time around. Shoot.
Time to resort to Plan B. The problem was that there was no Plan B…

I weighed my different options in the Adelaide travel agency. It was decided that I would go on a Great Ocean Road trip during
the holidays as that would at least get me into Melbourne
and allow me to do some wine tasting (the main reason for me going
to Adelaide). Plus, I really had no other options.

It was going to be a very untraditional Christmas for me this year…

Surprisingly, I would have a Christmas tree, a Santa hat and Christmas songs. This made me happy. I am a huge fan of this
holiday and I was a little bit sad when I thought I would have to forgo the entire event. But Greg, our tour guide, was not going
to let that happen.

We started wearing our Santa hats (that he had bought all of us) yesterday and we wore them all day today. People that we saw
at different sights definitely got a kick out of seeing the group of 14 Santa Clauses. Since we were all scattered around different
parts (as we all were looking at different things), people must have thought that Santa Clauses were running amuck in this part
of the country.

Overall, it ended up being a great day. I thought ‘Christmas’ would have gone a little forgotten while being on this trip but I was

And now for the ‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ of Christmas 2006…


  • My long, hot shower
  • Getting to wear a Santa hat
  • Being able to listen to Christmas music
  • Non-rainy weather (as rain was forecasted)
  • Seeing beautiful ocean scenery
  • Our decked-out Christmas-mobile (complete with a Christmas tree)
  • The cute summer dress I bought for myself


  • Eating lunch in a bus (because it was so cold and windy outside)
  • No stocking stuffers
  • Having ‘Christmas dinner’ in a dive restaurant
  • Not being able to wear my cute summer dress because it was so cold
  • Not being able to hang out with family and friends
  • Not being able to lounge around in a living room or family room in my pajamas all day
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