Some Goan Coast at  
Candolim Beach...
Kingfisher - King of Good Times!
November 8, 2007

Well, this wasn’t the best first impression of the Goa coastline.

Based on how everybody simply raves about Goa, I was expecting a bit more. A year or two ago I had visions in my mind of
what it might look like knowing it was quite the backpacker’s destination hot-spot. Then I tried to give it a bit more credit
based on how even the non-backpackers I know have loved it. I shouldn’t have given it more credit. It lived up to my original
expectations. To a tee.

I stayed in Candolim. My book said it was more what a person would expect from going to Goa rather than Calangute and Baga
– which the book said tended to be more hippy, crowded, etc. I never made it to Calangute or Baga so I can’t say what those
beaches were like (however each of these beaches spill into the next one so I can’t imagine that they would be too different)
but I can say that Candolim really had nothing to offer me. Well, except for seeing cows on the beach for the first time in my
life (I actually enjoyed this). There’s a slight haze in the air so it prevents the Arabian Sea from appearing very blue. The beach
is made up of itty-bitty tiny shells near the water so it’s not the most comfortable to walk in without flip-flops on.

I really wish I had more positive things to say. I mean it just wasn’t for my taste. I am sure there were many people there who
absolutely loved what they were experiencing. I just didn’t fall into that category. When I was on the beach, I didn’t take a
deep sigh and say to myself “Ahhh… I love this.” That is normally what I do when a place puts me totally at peace.

All of these things played factors in why I decided to only spend one night in Candolim before heading down to southern Goa. I
spent a couple last hours by the pool before packing my stuff up and hopping in a taxi.

Palolem…here I come.
Back to India.
Holy cows on a beach.