At Lake Badur and Agung Badur.
December 28, 2007

Our bus ride to Candidasa took us to the coast and it excited both of us when we looked out and saw the ocean. We haven’t
seen it yet…and it really is something that should be part of a vacation in Bali, right?

After being welcomed to our resort with big pineapple ‘welcome’ drinks, we headed out to see the sunset. It wasn’t the most
spectacular thing…but the fact that there was a sun and an ocean involved made it quite a special thing.

Then as we were at dinner, the weather took a turn. Pouring rain. Coming down with no end in sight. Where in the world did
this come from?

Walking home from dinner wasn’t exceptionally fun. It was a matter of finding the shallowest puddles to walk through.
Towards the end, we just gave up. We were so wet that it didn’t matter anymore. We were just thankful when we made it up
the 85+ puddly stairs (the bonus is the view, the downside is a walk like this). Christina informed me the other day that she
has six episodes from the new season of Grey’s Anatomy on her computer. Tonight I got to watch the first two. As lame as it
sounds, it felt like I was reconnecting with old friends. I’m lame, huh?

December 29, 2007


We now get to wake up with an ocean view right outside of our door. Now this is what we imagined when we thought of being in
Bali. Oops. Grey skies coming in. Lots and lots of gray. Rain is starting. So much for seeing the lake or going snorkeling today.
Hmmm…what will we do? Guess we will figure that when we head out!


Things did end up going our way today. The wind and rainy skies stopped and we had sun for the rest of the day. Let’s see –
the beach, tropical resort grounds built into a hill with small terraces, the sun, a pool with a nice view of the coast…this is
definitely what our visions of Bali were before arriving.

We really didn’t do much of anything today – which is the whole idea out here, as Christina pointed out. After walking around
and grabbing lunch, we chilled and relaxed by the pool. While watching the little monkeys swing from tree to tree and play with
each other in front of the nearby bungalows.

Clouds started to come in this evening so the sunset didn’t fully exist – but it was still nice to walk around. Considering this is
quite a sleepy little area, we are now back to our room after dinner. And I don’t mind at all – it gives me a chance to watch
some more Grey’s Anatomy episodes on Christine’s computer. Hehe.

December 30, 2007

So I ended up being more-or-less caught up on Grey’s Anatomy – with the exception of the couple of episodes Christine hasn’t
downloaded. I’m pretty sure I’ll take care of this task next time I have wifi. And let’s face it – there probably haven’t been
many more recent episodes with the strike going on.

This morning was one of the first times that we woke up to clear blue skies. We took advantage of this by going out to a lake
(Lake Batur) next to a volcano that many people have told me I should go to. We went. We didn’t see the hype. We came back
to Candidasa.

We were going to go snorkeling but have decided to save it for tomorrow. I dedicated more time today to laze by our pool.
Once again, perfection. That is until two loud kids came around. What happened to the peace and tranquility of yesterday? And
the mom wasn’t doing anything to stop the screaming. And they weren’t little munchkins. They were probably around ten
years old – give or take a couple years. My ipod was able to drown them out. A bit.

We were hoping for a sunset but came up a bit empty-handed as the clouds made their way in. In fact, while we were at dinner
probably one of the bigger rainfalls that we experienced so far occurred. But it didn’t matter. We were dry and cozy in the
confines of our nice restaurant. We actually had such a great meal/time there. So much so that that is where we are going to
ring in the New Year tomorrow!

December 31, 2007

We started the beginning of our end of the year by going to the Blue Lagoon at Padung Bai. Everyone around here has said
great things about the snorkeling out there.

Well, I admit to seeing some cool stuff (nice corals, a cute puffer fish, a school of some mini things that I have yet to find out
what they are). However, the coolness of what I saw was a bit overshadowed by the garbage I had to constantly push away
from my head and my body. The people there said it was because of the storm last night. But I don’t really buy it. It’s clearly
pollution and it’s quite sad that they don’t do something to prevent it. In any case, it put a big damper on the snorkeling as it’s
not too fun thinking you’re seeing a jellyfish but actually seeing a plastic baggy. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll take the plastic bag
over the jellyfish. But I’m sure my point has been made.

Afterwards, we came back to Candidasa after a detour to a nearby town where Christine picked up a few Balinese carved
wooden goodies. Then it was time to do more lazing by the pool and treating myself to a $3 Balinese New Year’s massage by
the pool.

After having a drink by the water, we capped our 2007 off at Vincent’s. They kindly (and they are Balinese…so it was
extremely kindly) asked people to settle their tabs around 11:00pm so that they could ‘go make a party’ at the bar nearby. We
would have obliged right then and there if it wasn’t for a big storm that just would not let up. Once it did, we decided to ring in
2008 from our abode out here. At one point, we kind of regretted it when we watched the fireworks. But then the rain became
another storm and the fireworks were alternating with lightning. And the sounds of the fireworks were competing with the
thunder. And then the granddaddy of storms began. So it all worked out.

Our 2008 started off dry and problem-free (as this area becomes one massive lake during weather like this).

All that’s left to say before I go to bed….Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

How quickly the time goes. I can’t believe that I already had to say good-bye to Christine. But…as luck would have it…it seems
as if we are both due to arrive in Hawaii on the same day. What are the odds? So it looks like another reunion is due to happen
in just a couple months.
Back to Indonesia.
Enjoying our 'Welcome' drinks.
A rice paddy worker.