The man-made beach in Brisbane.
The skyline of Brisbane from the South Bank.
A walkway in the South Bank.
December 18, 2006

I arrived in Brisbane yesterday. I had no choice but to come here as I have a flight that leaves tomorrow out of this city. I
figured since I had to come here I might as well spend a day or two and wander around. I came here with no expectations as
most people don’t have the most flattering things to say about it.

Last night I got in contact with Geoff and Agnelle – the couple I met while in the Seychelles. We had been exchanging emails for
the past week or so trying to see if we could make something work. Sadly, it is not going to. They live enough outside of the city
that it really only would have been possible if I had more time out here. But this means that there is now the possibility that I
will meet up with Kim and Carly – the twins I met while in Noosa. We’ll see, right???

After checking into my hostel, I went straight to the South Bank. I had heard this was one of the nicer areas of the city.

I have to say that I found it very pleasant and nice. It is more or less a promenade lined with cafes and restaurants. And there
is also the ‘public beach’. In reality, it looks more like a swimming pool (albeit a nice one) with sand on the sides. This country
sure has a thing for building things like this (as there was something similar in Cairns and Airlie Beach). But I’m not complaining
as there is something nice about the look of it. I know I am heading back to this area today…and I might even come equipped
with my bathing suit and towel just in case I feel the urge to take advantage of being able to take a dip.

Time to go eat my ‘brekky’ and head out for the day…

December 19, 2006

I’m getting ready to leave Brisbane soon to go to Adelaide. It’s probably good. I enjoyed my day in Brisbane yesterday…but
there really would not have been any need to stay much longer than that.

This city does serve as a good hub for the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. For that reason alone, I would say there is a
chance that I would see myself here in the future.

I stayed in the central part of Brisbane most of the day yesterday. I was entertaining myself by watching the Aussie
businesspeople. Wait. Who am I kidding? I was watching the Aussie businessmen. These guys look brilliant in their work attire!
I’m just a sucker for that look. So much so that I grabbed lunch at one of the office buildings where there were a few different
dining options. There were tables set up outside overlooking the water. I got great views of both the river and ‘the suits’.
Ahhh…a nice afternoon.

I hopped on a ferry from there to go to the South Bank to walk around. The ‘beach’ was in full-effect (though it still seems more
like a large swimming pool with sand next to it to me). This area is definitely a redeeming quality to Brisbane (even if it
completely man-made) since there doesn’t seem to be much else outside of the city center. I know this is a bit unfair of me to
say. I was only here for a day. What do I really know anyway?

It turned out that I was able to see Kim and Carly last night. We met up and spent time discussing their ‘America’ itinerary.
They had their California Lonely Planet on hand. Kind of fun to look at as I have never seen one. I was telling them hostels that
would be good to stay in and others to steer very clear of (for example, one deep in the heart of the Tenderloin). It was funny
seeing the different places listed in the book as I don’t think I have ever really noticed ‘hostels’ in San Francisco.

The coffee place was closing and that meant that it was time to say good-bye. I just love the way that there are some people
that you instantly become friends with after meeting them. Kim and Carly were two of those people. It made it a fun way to end
my time here in Queensland…
Back to Australia.