Thai Massage
November 8, 2006

People can do spa treatments one of two ways out here in Thailand: completely cheap with not much ambience or cheap with lots of ambience.
I love taking advantage of living the high-life in places like this so we opted for the ‘cheap with lots of ambience’ choice. This would take us to
the Thai Privilege Spa. There are a few in Thailand, one in Shanghai and one in New York. Of course…when in Thailand, one can only choose
to have a Thai massage.

When we were walking around one of the shopping centers yesterday, we saw a pretty display for one of the spas. After looking at the prices,
we were sold. We booked our appointments.

We were both
sooo looking forward to this massage when we woke up this morning.

When we walked in, we were welcomed with a cup of tea and we exchanged our shoes for the slippers that they brought over. When we were
finished with our tea, we were led up the stairs to sit in a relaxing area where our feet got a little TLC in the form of a bath and an exfoliating

Then it was off to the dressing area where we were given our ‘Thai massage’ outfits – a loose fitting pair of pants and shirt (as you don’t strip
down for a Thai massage). We showered, put on our new threads and met our masseuse outside.

I was led into a room that was simple yet beautiful with the dark woods and lit candles that are true of the Thai ambience. I laid on my back
for what would be one of the best massages that I have had in my life. It was so different from the typical aromatherapy rub-downs that I
normally have. The techniques that were used stimulated different parts of my body. At first some of the pressing was a bit uncomfortable.
But then I let myself just go with it and let all of my body parts completely relax. This was important as I was being moved into a series of
yoga-like stretches and positions. By the end, my body seemed to have a hundred times the flexibility than it did when I first walked in there.
I felt a little bit like Gumby. While in the beginning my body was showing some resistance, by the end the masseuse could put me in any
position without the least bit of effort.

By then it was over. Already? Time sure flies by when your body is being stretched in so many different ways.

I changed back into my street clothes and was served ginger tea and a snack (a sweet bean-like soup that was far more delicious than I was
prepared for it to be) while relaxing a bit more before it was time to leave.

At the end, I wasn’t sure which part I liked better: the massage or the fact that it was just under $20. Geez, I love Thailand!

***Update: November 11, 2006

I checked out their website and looked at the menu for their spa in New York. For the same massage, it is $120 out there. Geez, I really love
Back to Thailand.
The entrance to the spa.
Where the feet get a scrub down.
Let the Thai massage begin!